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  • Jill Macdougall

    Dear all,

    I would just like to say a huge Thank you for the clear up of Yarrow lane. I back onto Yarrow Lane and have done so for almost 6 years. I have tried valiantly to keep my area and along to the Wilton Street end ( at the corner shop) tidy. A forlorn cause.
    What a wonderful surprise to come back from holiday to a beautiful tidy lane! The amazing thing is that, fingers crossed, it remains so.

    I am sorry for my tardy response as I am aware this suburb effort was in April.

    Once again Thank you.

    Yours faithfully

    Jill MacDougall

  • Thanks so much for your appreciation – we should have your comment framed! Hope you like our photos of the day. Come & say hello at the Queen Margaret Drive Festival on Sunday if you’re free.

  • While it’s great work cleaning up Can I just ask what’s happening with the mountain of rubbish left on my doorstep at the end of the lane? It’s now been there since Saturday and it is stinking

    Thankyou Andrew

  • Hi Andrew – sorry you’ve been inconvenienced because of the rubbish not being collected. It has already been reported to the city council several times, including earlier today. On Saturday afternoon we phoned the council as soon as the cleanup was finished and we were given verbal assurance that the rubbish would be collected. We will be keeping an eye on this. Thanks for getting in touch about this.

    Update: The rubbish was cleared a couple of hours later.

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