Council members

Douglas Peacock Chair
Andrew Smith Vice chair & Licensing Board rep
Christine Alison Secretary (
Alasdair Macdonald Treasurer
David Conway Planning officer
Merle Read Communications & Hillhead Area Partnership rep
Denis Robertson Sullivan Minutes secretary
Inta Bakewell
Elaine Doherty


We also have associate members (who don’t have voting rights). If you would like to get involved with the council as an associate, please don’t hesitate to contact us!



See our Terms of Reference (pdf) for the responsibilities of the various positions on the Council.



  • Hello, I would be grateful if you could advise me on who to conctact regarding the space at the top of Oban Drive, on the right after No.67 I think. It does not seem
    to belong to anyone who is interested in the upkeep and state of vegetation etc.
    Along with overgrown bushes and grasses which encourage the disposal of litter, there are a number of trees which are overhanging the pavement and the road parking areas. these are surely a Health and Safety issue with regard to the Glasgow Council being involved. I have been unable to find a specific link in the
    Glasgow.Gov. website. Thanking you.

  • Hello Eddie, thanks for your message and sorry about the delayed response. We think it belongs to the adjacent house, actually Fergus Drive. Oban Drive ends at its junction with Fergus. (Someone had asked at one of the meetings if we could plant it.) Will check at our next meeting (7 May).

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