North Kelvin back lanes

Most of the back lanes in North Kelvin are so-called unadopted private lanes which are not serviced by Glasgow City Council. It is left up to the owners of the adjoining properties to manage the lanes.

For some time we have been involved in community clean-ups to try to keep the lanes tidy and to encourage residents to look after their own patch.

But more needs to be done, particularly where there are concerns related to bin-lorry access, fly-tipping or other antisocial behaviour.

We are therefore attempting to support local residents in managing their lanes.

1. We are compiling a register of private lanes (see below) in North Kelvin along with any associated residents’ groups and known problems.

Please help us plug the gaps!

If you know of any lanes that aren’t mentioned below or have any information about any local group or problem associated with a lane, please let us know (add a comment below or contact us) and we will add the info to the list.

2. We are hoping to get involved with a pioneering lanes working group in association with GCC and Cllr Wardrop to try to work out the best strategies for lane management. Watch this space or come along to a meeting to find out more.

3. If you would like to find out more about forming a residents’ group, please come along to one of our meetings.

Don’t forget you can also help improve your local environment by becoming a Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteer.

Oban Lane

Oban Lane after a clean-up

North Kelvin lanes register

  Residents’ group?
Botanic Crescent Lane
off Kelvin Drive
Clouston Lane    
Doune Gardens Lane  
Fergus Lane    
Garrioch Crescent Lane  
Garrioch Road Lane    
Kelvinside Gardens Lane
Lothian Gardens Lane    
Lyndhurst Gardens Lane  
Mingarry Lane  
Oban Lane    
Striven Gardens Lane
Wilton Crescent Lane
Yarrow Gardens Lane    

Clouston Street lanes

Garrioch Road Lane runs along the west side of North Kelvin Meadow, and volunteers from the Meadow group have been helping to manage it, eg by cutting back vegetation and overhanging branches that were obstructing bin lorries. There is another lane off Clouston St on the east side of the Meadow.

Another unnamed lane runs parallel between Sanda and Mingarry streets, and Mingarry Lane is parallel between Mingarry Street and Queen Margaret Drive.

Clouston Lane is off the south side of Clouston Street.

Doune Gardens Lane

Issues identified: fly-tipping; bin lorry access. Residents’ group: Doune Gardens Lane Community Association (contact Gil Long:

Garrioch Crescent Lane

Garrioch Residents Association (GRA) was formed in March 1976 because of local concerns about the deterioration of the environment and the potential hazards to children playing in the area. It successfully applied for an environmental improvement grant, and since then decisions on the day-to-day management of the garden are made by the volunteer committee of residents. Communal gardening days are organised as a good opportunity for neighbours to meet and work together irrespective of their gardening knowledge (there is always an experienced gardener on hand to give advice if required), and any major work is done by professionals following consultation with the residents at a meeting. In 2010 the GRA was successful in its application to the Climate Challenge Fund.

All residents enjoy the open plan design of this space, either as a safe place for young children to play or as a quiet place to read or meet the neighbours or potter in the garden.

GRA is funded by a payment of £40 pa, which is invoiced by the treasurer quarterly to the factors. Contact:

Lyndhurst Gardens Lane

This serves four backcourt areas each of which has a separate block. The Dryburgh Gardens/Wilton St/Melrose Gardens block has had a backcourt association (DMW Association) for more than 40 years. There are 60 flats and each pays £100 per year, collected by factors and remitted to the Association. This funding pays for common repairs and also builds up a contingency fund if it is decided to undertake a major task.

Oban Lane

Off Queen Margaret Drive and Oban Drive. No residents’ association but the QMD traders usually arrange a clean-up prior to any of their events on the lane/drive. Not used by bin lorries. Top part largely overgrown by nettles.


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