LATEST NEWS! Details of the proposed parking controls, including public exhibition dates and drawings, are now on the City Council website: We are having a special meeting on Tuesday 2nd July 2019 to discuss the community response to the parking consultation.

The level of parking and traffic in the North Kelvin area has become a growing concern, whether it relates to finding a parking space close to home or being able to cross the road safely. Residents have raised the issue at our meetings and on social media (eg Nextdoor North Kelvin). Cars are routinely parked on corners, and we have evidence of cars being left parked for weeks at a time by owners based outwith our area.

Read on to find out more about the proposed implementation of parking restrictions.

Controlled Parking Zones

Glasgow City Council has implemented Controlled (or Restricted) Parking Zones (CPZs) in a number of areas of the city.

There is a set of criteria to identify priority areas for consideration. North Kelvin scores highly on these criteria. It is included in the Roads Department’s current work plan.

This map shows current areas where there are CPZs (click on the minus sign, top left of the map, to see more than just the city centre).

The Roads Department is implementing a CPZ in the Hyndland/Hughenden area, and is working on Events Day parking schemes for Celtic Park and Ibrox Stadium and making adjustments to some existing zones west of the City Centre. So it is likely that the process for a CPZ for North Kelvin (and Woodside) would commence early in 2019.

The process usually takes 6 to 12 months. The likely completion date would be 2020.

Charges and hours of operation vary depending on the individual CPZ.

Further information on the most recent parking controls is available in the Parking section of the City Council website, including some links to “before and after” pictures, eg in Woodside.

The situation in North Kelvin

There is a tendency for drivers seeking to avoid paying for parking to switch to adjacent areas where there are no charges. This has affected adversely the level of parking and traffic in North Kelvin.

Now that a CPZ is being introduced in Hyndland/Hughenden, the only areas in the West End not covered by a CPZ will be North Kelvin and part of Woodside.

The North Kelvin/Woodside area is quite a large one. There are other proposed developments close by which might also impact on parking and traffic in the area:

  • the new Woodside Health Centre
  • the refurbishment of Byres Road
  • proposed new primary school at Queen Margaret Drive/Maryhill Road
  • refurbishment of Queen Margaret Drive
  • walking/cycling initiatives, including cycle lanes and public spaces, in the Woodside area.

Public consultation

The CPZ process for North Kelvin would begin with a public exhibition and drop-in, where residents can meet City Council officers to discuss the issues they are experiencing.

Since the changes are significant, the Community Council feels that residents should be made aware of what is happening. This will enable people to begin to research and discuss issues. By the time the formal consultation begins it is hoped that residents will be better prepared to engage constructively in the process.

Send us your parking feedback

Tell us what your concerns and priorities are. You can contact us:



  • This is just pure NIMBY at it’s best.

  • Jill Ferguson

    Thornwood is also waiting on having a CPZ introduced in it.
    As Partick East & Hillhead now has one. Which has pushed alot of parking further into Thornwood.

    Charging for parking may be a solution for restricting people parking from outside the areas.

    But residents permits are NOT guarantees of their spaces, just authorisation to park in them.

    So there are still loopholes in the system which is far from perfect.

  • Neil Paterson

    The Cambridge Dictionary definition of NIMBY states ” an abbreviation for not in my back yard: a person who does not want something unpleasant but necessary to be built or done near where they live”
    We are not wanting anything built but are simply trying to restore order in our streets through CPZ`s & to stop from being a free car park for commuters, people from RPZ`s who don`t want to pay £50/year to park & people using the airport and using us as a free long term car park. As demonstrated at meetings, we have full backing from all the local councillors. Everybody has the right to disagree & they should say so either at meetings or to their local representatives.

  • Alison H.McDonald

    When and where would this public consultation take place and how would residents be notified as I cannot see any information on the Glasgow City Council website at the moment that relates to our area or gives any information regarding dates of the RPZ consultation.

  • The consultation is expected to take place in the spring of this year but dates are not yet available. We will be publicising the consultation as widely as we can once we have further information, so please check back here for details or join our mailing list if you haven’t already done so. Thanks for your Q.

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