Public Meeting to discuss proposed development on former Clouston Street pitches

North Kelvin Community Council will be holding a public meeting to discuss the proposed development at Clouston Street pitches/North Kelvin Meadow on Monday 28 February at 6.30pm at St Charles’ School, 13 Kelvinside Gardens, G20 6BG.

Representatives from New City Vision and North Kelvin Meadow will be in attendance.

All with an interest in the future of this area of North Kelvinside are encouraged to attend and make your voice heard.


6:30 Intro and welcome:
David Beavan – Chair, North Kelvin Community Council

6:35 Meaning of the site to Glasgow City Council and their future plans:

6:40 Meaning of the site to North Kelvin Meadow Campaign and their future plans:
Douglas Peacock – Chair, North Kelvin Meadow Campaign

6:45 Presentation of 2008 plans, and up to date plans:
Nick Wright and Steven Black, New City Vision

6:55 Specific questions NCV wishes to explore:
Nick Wright and Steven Black, New City Vision

7:10 Community Council discussion:
North Kelvin Community Council Members plus questions from the public via the Chair

7:45 End


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