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  • Jill Macdougall

    Dear all,

    I would just like to say a huge Thank you for the clear up of Yarrow lane. I back onto Yarrow Lane and have done so for almost 6 years. I have tried valiantly to keep my area and along to the Wilton Street end ( at the corner shop) tidy. A forlorn cause.
    What a wonderful surprise to come back from holiday to a beautiful tidy lane! The amazing thing is that, fingers crossed, it remains so.

    I am sorry for my tardy response as I am aware this suburb effort was in April.

    Once again Thank you.

    Yours faithfully

    Jill MacDougall

  • Thanks so much for your appreciation – we should have your comment framed! Hope you like our photos of the day. Come & say hello at the Queen Margaret Drive Festival on Sunday if you’re free.

  • While it’s great work cleaning up Can I just ask what’s happening with the mountain of rubbish left on my doorstep at the end of the lane? It’s now been there since Saturday and it is stinking

    Thankyou Andrew

  • Hi Andrew – sorry you’ve been inconvenienced because of the rubbish not being collected. It has already been reported to the city council several times, including earlier today. On Saturday afternoon we phoned the council as soon as the cleanup was finished and we were given verbal assurance that the rubbish would be collected. We will be keeping an eye on this. Thanks for getting in touch about this.

    Update: The rubbish was cleared a couple of hours later.

  • Angus Macmillan

    I was interested to learn that the £15m River Kelvin Environmental Investment Project by Scottish Water is about to commence; the claim being that it will “improve the environment and water quality in the River Kelvin. However, that may not be so!

    Combined Sewage Overflow tanks are no more than a “Y” junction. The inflow is at the bottom and one of the two branches connects to the “continuation” pipe to the treatment works with the other outlet pipe spilling into a water course. They are essential to prevent flooding during heavy rain conditions.

    However, the design of the many of the replacement Combined Sewage Overflow tanks in the Glasgow area have the same inflow as before but have a screen grating to divert solids to a throttled continuation pipe outlet with up to 72% reduced flow capacity to save costly treatment. In heavy rain conditions untreated liquid sewage and industrial toxins will spill over a weir within the tank and flow directly into the River Kelvin. This complies with the “Aesthetic Water Quality” designation, which in plain English means what people don’t see they will not complain about.

    Worldwide there is concern that the design of CSO tanks with throttled outlets restrict the flow to treatment works but increase the amount and frequency of contaminated surface water, liquid sewage and industrial toxins into water courses and beaches.

    The question to ask Scottish Water is: Do these tanks have throttled outlets?
    And remember it’s not the diameter that matters; it’s the cross-sectional area.

  • Thanks for your enquiry. We put your question to Scottish Water and received the following reply. If you have further technical questions, please email us ( and we will put you in touch with the Scottish Water manager concerned.

    Thanks again for getting in touch.

    The plan for this group of eight currently unscreened CSOs is to:
    · Rebuild five of these eight CSOs, complete with aesthetic screening functions.
    · Abandon two of the eight CSOs, to reduce the overall number of individual discharges to the River Kelvin.
    · Install 510m3 of additional storage to the sewer system, at one of the CSOs, to provide greater sewer system capacity and in turn, reduce the number of times the CSO will spill to the River Kelvin.
    · Reduce the risk of flooding experienced on the River Kelvin Walkway
    The requirement to provide appropriate screening stems from the need to address unsatisfactory criteria outlined within the Urban Waste Water Treatment (Scotland) Regulations 1994 (UWWTD)(amended 2003). The planned works for these River Kelvin CSOs will meet this requirement.

    For the design for these CSOs, we can say that Scottish Water has not sought to restrict the flow to treatment below the current sewer system performance. Each of Scottish Water’s CSOs are licenced by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) and are required to pass a certain amount of flow forward to the downstream sewer system and onwards to treatment prior to any discharge to a watercourse in storm conditions. As noted in the question, CSOs are required to reduce the risk of sewer flooding and it would not be possible to remove the existing CSOs without a significant increase in flood risk.

    Scottish Water are also required to assess the impact of proposals on the receiving watercourse in accordance with the Urban Waste Water Treatment Regulations Guidance Note and the Urban Pollution Management Manual and this has been carried out for proposed work at the River Kelvin CSOs. The assessment showed that the spills are compliant with the legislation and guidance. The results of this assessment have also been shared with SEPA for scrutiny and formal approval.

    We can also say the approach (for aesthetic improvements and spill assessment) outlined above is consistent with Scottish Water’s overall investment in the Glasgow wastewater system over the past few years.

  • Alison McDonald

    With regard to the trees that will be planted on site of new school to replace some that have been cleared,hope they will be planted in such a way that they have space to grow and develop and not placed too close together.A lot of what has been cut down was pretty dense in places and never seemed to be maintained or trimmed at any time.Will there be a maintenance programme in place for school site ?Too often is seems that items are planted and just left and never maintained after that.

  • Hi Alison
    There is a landscape maintenance plan for the school site available on the GCC website:
    If that link doesn’t work, go to the planning page for the school ( and click on the button to the right of “LANDSCAPE MAINTENCE-MANAGEMENT PLAN”.

  • Marie Lepelletier

    I live in Kelvinside and I see that there is a grand land parcel abandoned next to the children playground at the corner of Kelbourne Street and Queen Margaret Drive. I think it could be a great project to transform this land into a community vegetable garden. If the community council agrees to such project, I would be willing to be involved and help to create it.
    Kind regards,

  • Thank you for raising this. We understand that the land is owned by the Church of Scotland and don’t know what their plans are for it, if any. We are trying to find out more about the possibilities of community ownership in general and will discuss this at our next meeting (5th November – come along if you can!). Thanks again for getting in touch.

  • We have had some contact from the developer and hope they will attend a meeting in the new year. When they can confirm their attendance we will advertise the meeting here as usual.

  • Hello,
    I live in Kelbourne street and noticed tonight that the kids playpark bordering Kelbourne and Hotspur street has been closed and marked as a construction site.It appears the climbing area with skides is gone. Does anybody know what is happening to it? Has the park been sold to the owners of the site of the ild church?My young son is going to be so upset if his beloved park is gone.

  • We understand that the park is being refurbished as a playpark (and has not been sold).

  • Duncan Blackmore

    Hi. Did anything come of the potential meeting with the developer of the land on the corner of Kelbourne St and Queen Margaret Drive?

  • Hi, I don’t think we’ve had any further info since the meeting referred to here:

  • When will W2 parking regulations go live with meters installed and working?Thank you

  • Stephen warden

    Parking permits first year it was £85 ,how can the justify a 90%increase with out consultation is it just me or do they expect us to just accept this pay road tax with increased pot hole that don’t get repaired community tax increases along with house heating cost rising when do we make a stand and say enough

  • Has there been any update from the Church of Scotland or the council about the abandoned ground between Kelbourne street and the children’s playpark?

    The land is in terrible condition, it’s all overgrown and in the last month I’ve reported rats and fly tipping via the council app.

    It needs addressed asap, can we collectively contact the council or our counsellors for a plan or a timeline? It flies in the face of all the regeneration going on in the area.

  • Thanks Alex. Agreed – the land is in a terrible condition. Our understanding is that the land has been sold to a developer and planning permission has been granted for a residential development. We have only today been notified that the developer would like to meet with the community council to discuss/present potential amendments to the existing plans. We’ll post more info when we have it.

  • Thanks for the update admin. Can’t wait to get it sorted. It’s a mess.

    The council have taken away the blue bin on Kelbourne street and people are fly tipping rubbish bags next to the bottle bins. It’s ridiculous. I’m reporting it nearly once a week. The collection service aren’t taking away ripped bags, Birds and rats have got into them and there’s rubbish all over the pavement.

  • Re Kelbourne Street, you may be interested in this on 6th December: Kelbourne Street drop-in event for proposed development.

    Thanks for reporting the rubbish problem.

  • Dear NKCC, I am very concerned about the following report in the Glasgow Times, and would be interested in hearing the Community Council’s views on the proposed plans:

    Kind regards,

  • Thanks Martin – we will discuss this at next week’s meeting

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