Price increases from 1 April 2024

New Tariff: £1 per 15 minutes up to 3 hours

Business Parking Permits

New Tariff: £850 per annum (on renewal)

Visitor Voucher Permits

New Tariff: £5 per 6 set-hour period (on renewal)

The parking zone


Permit application and guidance (including information on visitor parking permits): see


  • Resident Parking Permits are £85 per annum or £23.75 quarterly
  • Business Parking Permits are £850 per annum

The application can be completed electronically, and you may be required to create a MyGov account for this purpose.

Paper copies of the permit application forms will also be available at Hillhead Library for those who have no access to the internet.

Hours and pay & display charges

Resident and business permit holders can park without limit of time.

The chargeable hours for the shared use parking bays are Monday to Sunday, 8am to 10pm.

Those who wish to pay to park during these hours can do so for a maximum stay of 3 hours at a charge of £1 per 15 minutes. There are some parking machines for tickets. You can also use Ringo (20p convenience fee).

Visitor vouchers

Residents visitor vouchers are in the form of scratch cards. The visitor should scratch off the relevant date and time period and add their vehicle registration, and display the voucher on their vehicle’s side window or dashboard.

Each voucher costs £5 for a set period. These are:

  • morning 8am to 2pm
  • afternoon 12 noon to 6pm
  • evening 4pm to 10am

Vouchers are sold in books of 5 (£25 per book) and can be obtained from We understand that there is now no maximum to the number of vouchers a household may purchase.

You don’t have to have a parking permit to buy the vouchers as long as you have proof (eg Council Tax bill) that you live in the area.

Sunday parking

Please note that newly issued vouchers (as of at least August 2023) no longer state on the reverse that “any voucher displayed after 4pm on Saturday will be valid all day Sunday and until 10am Monday” as that information was incorrect.


The zone identifier for these parking permits is W2, which will allow permit holders to park in any parking space signed with a W2 zone identifier without incurring further parking charges.

You can see the zone outline on the lnteractive Parking Map.

Further information

For more about how to apply for a permit, including Residents Permit Guidance Notes and Book of Charges, see

RPZ issues

A review of the working of the RPZ is overdue. We were told it would take place after the scheme had been in operation for a year (it began in September 2022). We have been advised the review will take place “when resources allow” and we will of course publicise details of the review when we have them.

In the meantime if there are particular issues you want to raise about the scheme, please contact or a local city councillor, or come along to one of our monthly meetings which councillors usually attend.


If you feel that the parking zone isn’t being adequately enforced in your area, you can request enforcement via the City Council website.

See also Glasgow tightens enforcement of parking restrictions on the GCC website (March 2023).

Bike parking

Details on cycle parking shelters are available at Cyclehoop. You can join a waiting list for a particular shelter.

New locations can be requested via the Cyclehoop online portal.

Electric vehicle chargers

Within the North Kelvin Community Council boundary there are EV chargers at:

  • 35 Hinshaw Street G20 7BY
  • Queen Margaret Road G20 6DP

There are also chargers towards the top of Belmont St, on the Kirklee Road bridge and on Great Western Road near Byres Road (outwith the NKCC area).

For more information see ChargePlace Scotland.

The City Council now has a new tariff for EV charging (from 1 March 2024).

Car Club

There are Car Club bays on Firhill Road, Hinshaw Street and Hotspur Street. For more information on joining the scheme, see the Car Club page on the City Council website or the Co Wheels website.

Timeline of NKCC community consultation

August 2015: We promoted a Sustrans streetscape public workshop hosted by the Queen Margaret Drive Community in the Scout Hall.

March 2018: In response to residents’ concerns, we set up a dedicated parking webpage and email address with the aim of discussing the situation and collating views. The website has been regularly updated with parking news and our views (as recorded at minuted public meetings) and the webpage evolved into the current Parking page you are reading now.

June 2019: We promoted the City Council’s local public exhibitions on the RPZ proposals (including having the “letter to residents” on our website).

July 2019: We held a public meeting devoted to discussing the RPZ proposals and published our detailed view shortly afterwards.

The above is in addition to numerous related posts on the website and other social media (Facebook, Twitter and our newsletter) and regular sometimes lengthy discussions at monthly meetings so that a variety of opinion could be aired.

22 July 2021: The opportunity to apply to the Court of Session to amend the RPZ terms ended on this date after a 6 week statutory consultation period. The petition from a local resident objecting to the hours of operation was published mid August 2021 when it was already too late in legal terms to make any changes to the scheme.

8 August 2022: The RPZ had a soft launch and full enforcement began later that month.

10 January 2023: At our public meeting discussing snagging, Council officials confirmed that the scheme will be reviewed after a minimum of 1 year of operation.

25 February 2023: Members of NKCC attended an online Stakeholder Consultation for the City’s Strategic Parking Plan and later completed an online survey. As part of the survey we reported that some members of the community object to the current long operating hours and weekend operation of the RPZ.

7 June 2023: We invited Council officers to attend our September 2023 meeting to review the RPZ, as this would have marked a full year since the scheme began operating. We were advised that they would be unable to attend and that the review would take place when resources allow.

Previous updates

One-way system and Dunard St car-free zone

At our January 2023 meeting we raised concerns about drivers ignoring the new one-way system. We know of at least one collision that has resulted.

The police deployed resources in the Braeside St/Dunard St area and gave us the following report on activity in the week beginning 6 February 2023:

2 motorists were issued with FPN for failing to obey the no entry sign at Braeside St and 2 cyclists were warned. We received assistance from our colleagues at Road Policing who have carried out a survey of the area and reported back that all road signage is very clear. A bit more worrying was the amount of motorists trying to utilise the road at Dunard St during the car free zone times. In excess of 30 vehicles were stopped and instructed to turn around. [It was] noted that the majority of these are parents dropping children off at the school and this zone has been specifically set up in order to protect their children.

The police have asked the head teacher at Dunard St to send this information to parents.

The police have been conducting extra patrols to educate and/or enforce as required, as part of a local policing action plan, and they will continue to monitor the situation as resources allow.

Residents can report contravention of the one-way/no-entry restrictions to the local police via the 101 non-emergency telephone number.

➡ For details of the one-way system see

Snagging report

The update below (received 9 February 2023) relates to Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) snagging issues discussed at our meeting in January. We will continue to update this as issues are addressed.

Doune Gardens – 3 spaces missing from what was proposed. PCN was also issued for being parked within a bay.

  • Council response: We are aware of this and will be undertaking a further site visit to determine whether we can increase the number of parking bays that are currently marked on road. In terms of the PCN issued for parking within a bay, this could be appealed by following the appeals process as detailed on the back of the PCN.
Dryburgh Gardens / Wilton Street – gap between the (fading) double yellows and first marked parking space

  • Council response: These double yellows should not be in place and due to their condition, were left to fade out rather than burnt off which can leave an unsightly mess.
Clouston Street at Queen Margaret Drive – gap between double yellow lines and first parking bay. Resident requested another bay. Cllr Andrew believed it would be dangerous.

  • Council response: The double yellow lines are unable to be extended beyond the RPZ entry signage in accordance with legislation and the traffic regulation order.  Having looked into this, this gap is intended to provide additional space for vehicles turning into Clouston Street to wait should oncoming vehicles be travelling towards the direction of Queen Margaret Drive.
Doune Quadrant / Doune Gardens – remove the existing barriers to open this up to traffic and relocate barriers to prevent traffic getting to Kelvinside Terrace South

  • Council response: Lighting column is located in the middle of the road therefore this is not possible.
Lothian Gardens – enough space for 1 more parking bay between end bay and keep clear markings

  • Council response: Having had staff check this on site, there would not be enough space to install an additional parking bay at this location.
Kelvinside Gardens East – resident unhappy at plans to remove 1 space for extra passing place

  • Council response: Having viewed the traffic situation at school drop-off and pick-up times, happy to leave this parking space in place therefore this will not be removed as planned.
Wilton Street (west side) @ Firepath – only half of the parking bay is current painted

  • Council response: The first parking bay immediately east of Kelvinside Terrace West is incomplete and is on the snagging list for completion.
Wilton Street triangular area – no entry signage and one way signage not adequate

  • Council response: We are arranging for additional signs to be installed within the grass verge area.  In addition, we will install AHEAD arrows at the start point of both one way sections to highlight that these are one way sections of road.
Yarrow Gardens one way – dangerous turning left due to parked cars and concerns due to some vehicles ignoring the small one way section therefore coming from east direction

  • Council response: I can confirm that we will be arranging to install keep clear road markings at all four junction corners at this location, as part of our snagging list which will hopefully discourage drivers from parking and obstructing sightlines.
Parking machines not working and condition of them is unacceptable

  • Council response: The parking machine maintenance engineers undertook a condition survey of all 29 parking machines and have noted the condition and any faults with these.  All identified issues will be rectified as soon as possible.
Rubble has been left at excavation locations on Kelvinside Gardens East & South

  • Council response: My staff walked along both of these roads and were unable to find any rubble near to pole excavations. They also spoke with two residents who confirmed that they were unaware of any rubble that’s been left. They noted some rubble in place due to City Fibre works. If the resident is able to provide photographs of the rubble she referred to, I’d be happy to investigate further.
Belmont Street speed bumps – no road markings

  • Council response: We will add these road markings to our snagging list and have these refreshed.
RingGo stickers

  • Council response: I have been advised by our contractor that all stickers have now been erected on to on-street parking signage.