Council members

Douglas Peacock Chair:
David Conway Vice chair
Christine Alison Secretary:
Alasdair Macdonald Treasurer
Louise MacKenzie Minutes secretary & Hillhead Area Partnership rep
Elaine Doherty Clean-ups
Merle Read Communications
Frank Shennan Licensing Board rep
Rowena Statt Planning contact
Joyce Khatri Reserve Hillhead Area Partnership rep
Patricia Grant
Stuart Wallace
Andrea Fisher Associate member

We welcome citizens from across the North Kelvin community to join us as elected members (there are 2 vacancies) or as associates. (Associates can contribute their views or expertise but don’t have voting rights.) The more diverse our membership, the more able we are to reflect the wider community’s views.

If you would like to get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We also welcome attendance by members of the public at our meetings. And remember you can sign up for our newsletter or read it online.

See our Terms of Reference (pdf) for the responsibilities of the various positions on the council.

City councillors also attend our meetings.



  • Eddie Devlin

    Hello, I would be grateful if you could advise me on who to conctact regarding the space at the top of Oban Drive, on the right after No.67 I think. It does not seem
    to belong to anyone who is interested in the upkeep and state of vegetation etc.
    Along with overgrown bushes and grasses which encourage the disposal of litter, there are a number of trees which are overhanging the pavement and the road parking areas. these are surely a Health and Safety issue with regard to the Glasgow Council being involved. I have been unable to find a specific link in the
    Glasgow.Gov. website. Thanking you.

  • NKCC Admin

    Hello Eddie, thanks for your message and sorry about the delayed response. We think it belongs to the adjacent house, actually Fergus Drive. Oban Drive ends at its junction with Fergus. (Someone had asked at one of the meetings if we could plant it.) Will check at our next meeting (7 May).

  • Peter watt

    Hello, I’m writing on behalf of my Neighbour at 2 Oban Drive and myself 4 Oban Drive regards the new parking plan for North Kelvinside.
    After studying the plans in more detail we’ve noticed that we have a protected zig zag zone directly outside our houses.
    We were wondering whether:
    This was necessary
    Why we seem to be the only residents in this new parking plan that haven’t the option of parking outside our property.

  • NKCC Admin

    Thanks for your message. We will try to bring this up at our meeting on 5 November but you may be best to feedback your view to the folk in charge:

  • Benjamin Blain

    Hello! I would like to get involved in a community clean-up. When is the next one planned for?

    (Also, I’d really like to help out with a community clean up of Oban Lane, if possible!)

  • NKCC Admin

    Hi, thanks a lot for getting in touch! We don’t have a date for the next clean-up but will probably arrange one at our next meeting (Tues 5th Sept – watch this space for details or sign up for our newsletter if you’re not already on our mailing list). Oban Lane was included in the last one we did so we may well choose somewhere else next time. But we do have equipment you are welcome to use if you would like to do something independently, and if you arrange a date we will help publicise it. You may also be interested in this Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteers page.

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