Dawsholm Park health walk Saturday 17 February 2024

Signpost against a leafy background pointing to Dawsholm Park

Our next health walk will go along the Kelvin Walkway

Meeting point

When: Saturday 17th February, 2pm

Where: Queen Margaret Bridge at the top of Queen Margaret Road (directly across from our noticeboard)

About the walk

How long: The walk is 4⅓ miles (6.92 km) and will take around 90 minutes.

It is an undulating route, with the steepest section in Dawsholm Park.

Underfoot conditions were generally good when we checked the route. Some sections in Dawsholm are unsurfaced, but are firm and gave good footing. However, please wear shoes that are waterproof and with good gripping soles.

This is a great chance to enjoy our local greenspace and meet people, old and new!

Road crossings

The main hazard is crossing Kelvindale Road at St Gregory’s Church. There are traffic calming measures and the road is not very wide. However, it is between two bends in the road and drivers do not have very long lines of sight. We will also cross Garrioch Road and the streets which join Clouston St, but traffic on these is relatively low and Garrioch Road has a zebra crossing.


We will go down the path from Queen Margaret Road to the Walkway, then, keeping the river to our left walk to the Friends of the River Kelvin hut. We will cross the river and go through the Arboretum and cross back at the next bridge.

Then we continue with the river on our left across Kelvindale Road, under the Canal Aqueduct, under Cowal Road, under the railway viaduct until we reach a bridge across the Kelvin. Dawsholm is on the other side.

After crossing the bridge we bear right for a short distance then turn left and climb through the trees. The path is earthen and uneven, so wear footwear with a good grip.

We wend our way through the trees and emerge on to Dawsholm Road (The Cleansing depot will be on our right). We return to the bridge across the Kelvin and head back along the Walkway.

Near the Combined Heat and Power plant in Wyndford we will turn away from the Walkway and go via Southmuir Place and Contin Place and join Garrioch Road at the rear of Tesco.

We go right along Garrioch Road, then left into Hotspur St, right into Northumberland St, then through North Kelvin Meadow to Clouston St. Finally, left along Clouston St and back to QMD.

Note: We will only walk round a small section of Dawsholm, but now you know the route, you can explore it more at leisure. Take the bus along Maryhill Road and get off at Immaculate Conception Church. The road down to Dawsholm is a bit further along Maryhill Road. You can also take the train to Kelvindale Station.


★ Please wear comfortable shoes with a good grip

★ Dress for the weather!

★ Walkers needing 1:1 support should bring a buddy with them to help

★ Children must be accompanied by an adult

Everyone welcome! Bring your friends!

For further information email NorthKelvinWalks@gmail.com. Check out Walking in North Kelvin too!

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