Proposed parking controls

The long-awaited parking-control consultation is now under way. We will be holding a special meeting on parking: Tuesday 2nd July 2019. The meeting is open to all NK residents. Usual time & place: 6.30pm, St Charles’ Church Hall, 1 Kelvinside Gardens, G20 6BG.

two cars parked on corners

Parking on corners is unfortunately not an unusual sight in North Kelvin.
How do we make our community a safer place to walk, park and drive?

We would like to hear residents’ views at the meeting or online: see our contact page for full details of how to get in touch or leave a comment below or on our Parking page.

Details, including drawings, FAQs and the letter to residents, are now on the City Council website: See also the City Council’s Safer Parking page.

Public exhibitions will be held on Wed 12th, Thurs 13th and Sat 15th June:

  • Maryhill Glasgow Life Avenuepark Street, 35 Avenuepark Street G20 8TS
    Wednesday 12th June, 2pm until 5pm
  • Maryhill Community Central Hall, 292-316 Maryhill Road G20 7YE
    Thursday 13th June, 2pm until 7pm, and Saturday 15th June, 9am until 11am
  • Shakespeare Street Youth Club, 95 Shakespeare Street G20 8LE
    Saturday 15th June, 11:30am until 1:30pm.

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  • Alison McDonald

    Do not feel proposed parking controls will help.Just because we will have to pay for a permit does not mean we can park right outside our property(which has always been the case).I did not work regular hours and always managed to get parked and find that no different now.The meters that are going to be put in to allow people to pay to park that don’t live in the area will be an eyesore in what is termed a Conservation Area.At one of the recent exhibitions I mentioned that Traffic Wardens are never or extremely rarely in our area -Oban/Fergus Drive and the Council representative basically admitted that the Wardens are usually sent to the areas which already have Parking Controls because it is easier to catch offenders!This is just another money making scheme by the Council and as it is we see very little for our Council Tax so will the money actually be spent on much needed road repairs or gritters on the road in bad weather(which never happens on our street.

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