Late night noise

We have had an increasing number of complaints about noise caused by students as they return home in the small hours. Local residents especially in streets between Belmont St and Maryhill Road are having their sleep disturbed repeatedly, and not just at weekends. There have also been reports of minor damage to cars and gardens.

If you’re on your way home after a night out please remember that you are passing through a residential area. Be considerate to other members of the community.

We are very concerned about this sort of antisocial behaviour and we encourage residents to phone 101 and report incidents of noise disturbance to the police. You can always make a report the next day: the important thing is that these incidents are logged so that police resources may be diverted as appropriate.



  • Residents, 167 Wilton Street

    This matter has become one of public order on a regular – pretty much nightly – basis. We have been in contact with University of Glasgow about Murano Street students for well over a year now. We have had meetings with university staff, and maintain regular contact with them. Please note that the Campus Security dept have their own 24 hour ‘patrol unit.’ They will attend any reported disturbance there and then, to identify offending students. This has been effective on occasion (although nowhere near often enough!) We would urge anyone affected by the ongoing anti-social behaviour of these students to make use of that number also – 0141 330 4282.

  • Andrew Stewart

    On Oban Drive they walk up every night shouting and screaming intentionally wanting to wake people up (mostly succeed in waking my daughter and scaring her) you say call the police but what difference? They need to close down the Murano Accomondation, or reroute the path they walk, but will that stop this anti social behaviour gets worse every year and we will see even more student accomondation built at Kelvinbridge where the Pewter Pot is. We live in this city pay council tax and are ignored!

  • Admin-M

    Many thanks for the comments. We have been in touch with the university & the police & are expecting to see their representatives at our next meeting to discuss what can be done to minimise this problem, which is clearly affecting a lot of people. The police say that they need evidence (such as logged reports from the public) to be able to justify spending resources on a particular problem.

  • Tony Cummins

    Kelvinside Gardens Saturday/Sunday

    12th March 12:00 Went and spoke to tenants about the noise. No change so phoned Landlord. No change.

    12:30 phoned 101 to report noise.

    1:30 no sign of police and students arriving/standing in hall and street bawling and shouting. Music still on.

    2:15 called 101 again and was told they’d send someone around.

    2:35 students out in street shouting and talking loudly. Music still on upstairs and folk banging on floor

    2:50 Found this website – typing this comment and still no sign of police. Music still on, students standing in common hallway and outside front door talking and shouting at the top of their voice.

    The flat in question is an HMO and this seems to be an annual event now given that the tenants only stay for one year and move on with the next group repeating the same problem.

    Unfortunately I can’t attend the next meeting on the 15th but I’d be interested to hear if any of the attendees living in Kelvinside Gardens were also affected by this disturbance.

  • Admin-M

    Thanks for your comment. No one at the meeting reported any disturbance at the weekend. It might be worth contacting the city council’s HMO dept to find out when the HMO is up for renewal so that you can make a representation against it in good time (& let us know as well). Landlords should know they risk having their licence revoked.

    HMO unit contact details:

    It might also be worth contacting the Antisocial Behaviour Noise Service on 0141 287 6688. For more info:

  • Aidan McLure

    Glad to be finding this website as I live opposite the student village, and am woken up 4 or 5 nights a week (and always on Monday and Thursday).

    I’ll try get in to a habit of phoning 101, I didn’t realise you could call the following day.

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