Dunard Primary School Car Free Zone

Glasgow City Council is proposing to make permanent the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order which prohibits motor vehicles from parking in certain streets near schools at certain times.

The main aim is to improve road safety by minimising the number of vehicles in the immediate vicinity of the schools, which in turn will make the areas safer for both local residents and pedestrians.

In the Dunard Primary case, this will affect Braeside Street and Dunard Street. The proposed Order will prohibit driving on these roads during the periods 8:30–9:15am and 2:30–3:15pm.

map of Dunard Primary School

Find out more at Glasgow City Council website: click on “The Glasgow City Council (School Streets, Glasgow) (Prohibition of Motor Vehicles) Order” to download the explanatory report, the press notice and a larger map.

Objections to the proposed order must be submitted to LESTraffic@glasgow.gov.uk by 18 February 2022.


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