Minutes – 6 October 2004

Minutes 6 October 2004

Venue: Queen’s Cross Community Rooms. Present: S P(Chair), D G(Vice Chair) R C (Minute Secretary), R N (Website and library), B G (Health), D N (Youth Sub Committee), M T (Planning)

1. Registration, apologies and new members. D K, L S, J A, A L and Councillor Mack.

2. Minutes and Matters arising. Minutes proposed by SP and seconded by DG

3. Annual Report. RC proposed, seconded DG.

4. Annual Accounts. BG proposed seconded SP

5. Constitutional changes – frequency of elections – to be held every 2 years. Proposed sub area boundary changes as per new map and street list and constitution. Proposed by SP, seconded BG.

6. Councillor Mackechnie – apologies.

7. Councillor Malik – no apologies received.

8. Correspondence: Fair Trade – DK. Friends of the Earth – DG. Annual Seminar of Community Councils – 20th November 04. Effective Communication with Public Agencies. Royal Concert Hall. SP,DG, MT and DN. Developments along the Kelvin – BG. Orange Network – MT. Partnership for Health (BG)

9. Treasurer – DK apologies.

10. Planning – MT said there had only been 3 planning applications, Behar Carpets external signing, new windows for a house in Wilton Street and multiple occupancy in Oban Drive.

11. Information. RN said the website (northkelvin.net) is being updated and requested diary dates.

12. Health – BG read out synopsis of her findings. Her overall impression is that the health board is accused of poor communication with the public and monitoring groups. The main issues are the number of beds, the European Working Time Directive, how staff are deployed (and promoted) and hospital parking charges.

13. Youth Sub Committee – DN told us the sad news that Krystyna Czaskowski, a member of the sub committee had died. Also he said he’s been finding out about other youth groups in different areas like the anti-racist work in Pollockshields and the Breakthrough Project. BG agreed to sit on the Youth Sub Committee

14. Treasurer – Apologies from DK.

15. Communications – RC said that unfortunately work commitments meant she would no longer be able to be minute secretary but she added she would still help with press liaison. BG has very kindly agreed to take on the role of minute secretary.

16. AOCB

17. Open Forum – Compendium Trust and NK site – nothing new to report.

Next Meeting Nov 10th 04 at Queen’s Cross Community Rooms, 472 Maryhill Road, then Dec 8th (Invitation to the Chair of the Compendium Trust), Jan 12th , Feb 9th,, March 9th, April 13th (public general meeting), May 11th , June 8th , July – holiday, August 10th, September 14th. October’s date


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