Minutes – 10 November 2004

Minutes 10 November 2004
1. Welcome, Registration, Apologies
a. Present: S P (Chair), D G (Vice-Chair), A L, M T, J A,R C, BG and J Mack (City Councillor)
b. Apologies from R N, D K, D N
2. Minutes of Previous Meetings and Matters Arising
a. Minutes approved. Proposed: S P, seconded: M T
3. Police Report No officer being present, there was no report. Despite having been sent reminders of the meeting, no apologies were presented.

4. Councillor Reports:
a. Neither Councillor Malik or Mosson were in attendance. Jim MacKechnie made the following report:

b. 60 Steps Trust: Monday15 November is expected to be the formal launch of the 60 Steps Trust (this needs to be confirmed). Trust has been formed and is holding a public meeting to attract support and to solicit contributions to get things going. First they will need to commission a feasibility study. There are plenty of choices for getting this funded. The problem may be determining what will happen to the wall and steps once they are restored – where will ownership lie? Who will pay to keep steps maintained?

c. St Charles PS should be the next for mandatory 20 mph speed limit. Parents and School Board approached him to get St Charles in next tranche of funding from Land Services from January. JA asked how far the limits will extend? Could it be extended to Fergus Drive? JM thought the limits were statutory. Looking for appropriate parking regulations will be beneficial. A discussion arose regarding difficulty of traffic access on Wilton Street and it was considered insoluble.

d. Planning permission for new-build tenement on gap site, 259-275 Wilton Street [case 03/033389]. Objections had been lodged last year and the builder submitted new plans to take account of these. Developer has proposed off-street parking (undercroft and backcourt). Planning officers are minded to support this. But valid objections still include access to undercroft parking – possible loss of 4 parking spaces on the street in order for a ramp to be safe. One of the flats should be car-free but that would be impossible to guarantee. JM has been pursuing loss of car parking with Land Services. SP asked if it has been resubmitted. There has been a second round of neighbour notification on revised application on 4th October. Should we submit some comments? Mike to do this with reference to parking. Is there going to be front garden like the others? Where is the amenity space? What about the front elevation? Janet asks about delivery of goods for the building? Building will be further back than existing line of buildings and will overshadow the gardens of existing buildings. Check with City Plan. Does this meet the criteria or not? Loss of daylight is grounds to object but loss of sunlight is not. Developer has agreed to use natural facing stone on front, but back will be brick. Thinks it will look silly – non-use of traditional materials in back of building. Original drawings had oriel windows which would look better. This is in a conservation area. Developer works with planning office before putting in application. Doesn’t think the Firemasters’ objections would have been disregarded. Some objections were raised about back lane.

e. Compendium Park there was little news. Chair is coming to report to us next meeting. Appeal is being lodged against SportScotland. The appeal will be to use money now obtained to create running track as separate proposal before the rest is in place.

f. Kelvin Walkway Meeting: 26 November Mr McKecknie will attend this meeting in city chambers 2 pm along with RN and others.

5. Treasurer’s Report – None made.

6. Planning, Licensing & Northwest Area Committee: Mike Thomson had nothing to report apart from what Jim had said about Wilton Street. MT will look at the drawings for Wilton Street on Monday. There are lots of proposals for HMOs – almost 10 or 12 recently. Is it an issue in the area? Hillhead CC is working with Executive on this. SP has still been receiving licensing information and some HMO stuff. Parks: Will attend Northwest Area Committee on Monday – just revised development framework was approved. Pushing to ensure there is some social housing in the new development at the Ruchill hospital site. MT to report to group on how park money will be spent. Janet said that when Ruchill was being demolished, residents were regularly involved and are still told how it will be. Ruchill CC put up strong show. Housing was promising to keep track of where residents went to so they could come back. Hospital site was lost despite promises. SP asked if MT could send formal letter to check Ruchill Community Plan to Jim or in support of his meeting. Will Maryhill Park be developed? Parts seem about to be taken off. JA says check city Plan. Action: check if there is any truth in the rumour that it will be reduced. MTto reply to Planning Department with objections to Wilton Street development.

7. Information – Website and Library: Robina was not here to report.

8. Health
No new material has come in since the last meeting.

The Greater Glasgow Health Council is due to be dissolved in March 2005, with its work being taken up by other organisations. It’s annual report ‘Representing patients and the public in the NHS’ gives a thorough report on all its activities from 1991 to the present. This group will be replaced by a national organisation, the Scottish Health Council as part of the NHS Quality Improvement Scotland. One of the primary losses in the new system will be formal representation of patients and individuals by the board. While Ministers state that the new boards will in some way take up arms on behalf of patients, the methods and effectiveness of doing so are less clear than via the local councils.

The last newsletter ‘Greater Glasgow Health Matters’ number 67 requests nominations for outstanding members of the Glasgow NHS. This award has been run for 13 years and can reward individuals, teams or departments. Nominations must be in by 12 November. Anyone can make a nomination.

The newsletter ‘Partnership for Health’ from the Glasgow Healthy City Partnership contains a myriad of reports on wide-ranging initiatives throughout the city to promote good health.. Woodside Health Centre – McLean Currie – ask to be included on Woodside-Maryhill are launching something tomorrow at Avenuepark Street in the community centre. Would like to be on mailing list. Susan has received a few items. ACTION: BG has contacted McLean Currie and asked to be included in the mailing list.

9. Youth Sub-Committee, CCH, Scottish Civic Forum: Donnie was not present to report.

10. Press (RC reports): There was a suicide recently on the Kelvin walkway. Not reported in the papers.

11. Correspondence – Correspondence Secretary
a. Fundraiser for Central Halls on 19 November. (send info to Robina)
b. St Mungo Museum exhibition on sectarianism.
c. Pat Ferguson’s latest report.
d. One newsletter from Anne McKechin.
e. Glasgow Community Safety partnership DVD on fireworks. (in our library)
f. Reminder to Seminar on 20 November the annual seminar for cc’s effective communication with public agencies.
g. Guide to tackling anti-social behaviour.
h. Hillhead Community Council meeting starts at 7.30 not 7 pm on Thursday 11 November. Not HMO update.
i. Heritage Lottery Fund report.

12. Current Issues: None

13. AOCB/ Late Issues: None

14. Open Forum (Public Contributions) none

15. Next Meetings:8 December 2004, 12 January 2005, 9 February 2005.

16. Training Session: Ian Law of the Community Councils Support Group – Many thanks to Ian for coming out and making this most helpful presentation.


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