Minutes – 14 September 2005


Date: 14 September 2005

1. Welcome and Registration:
a) PresentS P (Chair), RN (Information), D G (Vice-Chair) Councillor J. MacKechnie
b) In attendance: PC Addison ( Strathclyde Police) and another police officer

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:
a) This meeting not quorate so no previous minutes approved

3. Police Report included
a) Main concern in area is bogus callers targeting the elderly. It is suspected that many more incidents go unreported. Police appeal for people to report incidents as scene of crime techniques can be useful in tracing suspects. Both male and female conmen at large. Female’s tend to use befriending techniques (offering to carry shopping) whereas male’s tend to pose as work men.
b) Continuing problem of school students and recent school leavers hanging out in Belmont Lane and La Crosse Terrace.
c) 3 reported house break- ins with no detections

4. Councillors Report
a) Control Parking Zones still controversial. Survey by roads dept. now complete and data being analysed. Report next week about displaced parking.
b) Queen Margaret Bridge. The severely damaged balustrade was an act of malicious vandalism over two nights. Will be very costly to repair – not known at present if an exact match for the stone can be found.
c) SP concerned that the decision to replace metal railing between road and pavement in this same area was not given adequate consideration. The new road system here has made much of the railing unnecessary and it actually causes an obstruction for pedestrians.
d) Kelvin Walkway handrail on steps from Queen Margaret Rd to be repaired after action by the Councillor who is unhappy with the delays to this work.
e) Parking Problem in Murano Street probably caused by builders vehicles – the police have been informed.
f) Community Planning Partnership.The partnership of the New Canal Ward and the new Maryhill Kelvin Ward will cover the North Kelvin area and part of the Firhill area. There will be 4 community residents on this ( less than serve on the existing area committee) No info yet on how to select representatives or if these new partnerships will replace the Area Committees.
g) SP reported front gardens on Queen Margaret Drive full of builders rubbish and uneven new pavement surfacing in Kelbourne St.

5. Newsletter
The newsletter has been very well received with many residents getting in touch to say how much it has been appreciated.
SP reported that the Resource Centre appear to have reneged on a verbal agreement to cover distribution (£250)and the excess costs of the newsletter(£41) Total required £291. This will cause severe financial problems for NKCC.
RN reported that the door to door distribution was disappointing. 3700 copies were given to a distribution company but it seems that it is not their policy to ring bells to gain access to closes. RN estimates that only 50 percent of homes will have had copies. The distribution company said no copies were available to return – they argued that the area was actually 4500 homes.
Leaving piles of newsletters in local shops and handing them out on the street proved to be a very simple and effective method of distribution.
Suggestions for future newsletter
Don’t have a deadline on distribution
Leave piles of newsletters in shops and public places and replenish.
Abandon door to door distribution unless Community Councillors wish to deliver copies to their own immediate neighbours – (we also had offers to do so from the public).

6. Election
It is looking unlikely that we will have sufficient nominations at the current deadline. However we can bring new members on at election night as there will certainly be places available. RN to further advertise the election meeting. NKCC unhappy with the earlier meeting times specified for the election by the Resource Centre – it is suggested we stick with our usual meeting time of 7 to 9pm on Election night.

Next Meeting
Election Meeting and AGM
Wed 12th Sept, 7 -9pm ,Queens Cross Community Room, 472 Maryhill Rd


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