Minutes – 10 August 2005

Draft Minutes Date: 10th August 2005

Time: 7pm

Location: Queens Cross Community Rooms

Welcome and Registration:
a) Present: SP (Chair), R N (Information),M T (Planning),D G (Vice-Chair),BG(Health),Cllr J MacK (GCC)
b) Apologies: AL, DN, JA

Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:
a) Proposed RN Seconded DG

Councillors Report
Although there is a council recess and there are no formal Council Meetings, Cllr Mackechnie has made several visits to the Belmont Street Area to find out the effect of displaced parking. There was evidence of this in Doune Gdns., Striven Gdns and Belmont St. Bridge but Willton St. was not badly affected.
The parking restrictions were set up as a response to requests from residents in an effort to keep commuters from using valuable space. This scheme was not a new issue as it had benn in operation in the Hillhead area for 30 years. The proceeds from fines will not go to City Lighting as most of the monies will be used to maintain and police the scheme, leaving only a tiny surplus.
There will be a meeting of Council and Parking attendants in two weeks time to clarify the situation. There has been a relaxation in Park Circus Area and there are permits for Doctors. The Councillor would like to see permits extended to Carers, district Nurses etc.
SP thanked Cllr. Mackechnie for his efforts on behalf of the community.

Treasurers Report
The costs of the NKCC newsletter :printing 424,contingency 50, delivery 200. SP will make approaches for balance.
There is still not enough monies left to provide costs of RN’s babysitting. Since not providing costs for babysitters is at odds with the Council Equal Opportunities policy, further investigations will be made by SP in an effort to solve the problem
Our Treasurer is unwell at present but BG kindly offered to share the task of annual acounts if agreeable.

Review of Newsletter
Corrections and additions to be made were discussed. RN and DN to work on corrections.

Susan sumarised Election Procedures
Everybody stands down. Complete nomination forms from Recource Centre. Paul Consodyne is I.R.O., Call for nominations 22nd August. IRO will publicise in Local papers, libraries etc. Names should be proposed and seconded by 16th Sept. Quorum is currently 5 ie one third total numbers of members. Accounts to be gone over at AGM. SP suggests Accounts on Agenda at Sept meeting- Accounts to be inspected by an independant trustworthy person( who scrutinises both accounts and annual report). BG suggests meeting with treasurer mid sept and that the Printer invoice us giving 30 days grace to find the funding for balance of newsletter.
Emphasis in newsletter to get potential members at the Sept meeting (14th) in order to deal with nomination forms before the special election meeting (12th Oct). Use a newsflash on newsletter to have nominations in by 16th Sept

MT confirmed that city council has given consent to development at Queen Margaret Dr (old petrol station site) after adjustments.
Development at Panmure St (old Shaw McInnes site)180 units, also has councils consent.
Cllr Mackechnie pointed out that this development and the major development in Murano St would affect traffic movements in Firhill St. Traffic Lights would be adventageous but costly. perhaps a roundabout would be a cheaper alternative.
SP thanked the councillor for making a very good point and Mike Thomson will draft a letter regarding above.
BG suggested a cycle box would be advantageous here and at other traffic crossings in the area.
North West Area Committee: in recess, next meeting in 2 weeks time
Compendium Trust:still waiting for Sport Scotland’s response

Information and Web
SP thanked RN for the immense amount of work done on NKCC’s new website
RN is pleased to announce 750 users last month- indicating it’s popularity
SP suggests putting newsflash about elections on website. Website could also be used for promoting collective views of Community Council and additionally providing space for an forum of ideas not necessarily shared by the CC.

12. Communications
Management of Maryhill Community Halls is concerned that facilities to be offered by Maryhill Burgh Hall will adversly affect their own facilities.
Chair distributed publications to interested parties

Open Forum
SP thanked the Councillor for his practical help and ideas for simplifying the announcement of various election deadlines on newsletter publication

13. Next Meeting
Sept 14th at Queens Cross Community Room 7pm


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