Minutes – 8 June 2005

Minutes 8 June 2005

1. Welcome and Registration:
a) Present: SP (Chair), R N (Information),M T (Planning),D G (Vice-Chair),D N(Youth Sub-committee),A L (Treasurer) b) Apologies: Councillor J MacK, B G
c) In attendance: PC Addison ( Strathclyde Police), PC Starkey ( Strathclyde Police), Ms MacInnesI, Ms Flavin

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:
a) The minutes of the May meeting were approved, Proposed by Anna and Seconded by Dorothy.

3. Police Report by PC Addison
a) It was indicated that there had been 26 reported crimes in our area since last month, 10 of which had been solved.
b) There followed some discussion on the issue of priorities between pedestrians and cyclists on shared paths. PC Starkey indicated that it was essentially a matter of common sense and that cyclists who offended in terms of cycling on pavements or not displaying lights etc were not pursued any more.

4. Belmont Street Parking
) Ms McInnes (and a number of others) were concerned about the introduction of car parking restrictions on Belmont Street, North and South Woodside Road, Lansdowne Crescent, Burnbank Gardens, Holyrood Terrace etc. According to Frances there was concern in the community about the lack of consultation, the lack of a more strategic overview of traffic issues in the West End and the reasons put forward for the introduction of the scheme. In relation to the latter point, contrary to the views of the City Council, residents had not requested these restrictions. There was a suspicion this was a money raising venture by the Council with the revenue projected at £302000 being used too fund lighting improvements City Wide. Although the Community Council area was not directly affected, there was the feeling car parking may be displaced to the North Kelvin area aggravating existing parking difficulties. Frances advised of a public meeting in the Kelvin Stevenson Memorial Church on Friday 10th June and urged as many people as possible to attend and asked councillors for help in publicising this event which was seen as part of a wider campaign and possible demonstration. Susan thanked Ms MacInnes for her presentation and wished her well with the campaign. She asked that the Community council be kept informed.

5. Mobile Phone Mast on TA Building
a) Ms Flavin outlined the background to the case, viz. an application had been lodged on behalf of T-mobile to erect a telecoms mast on the TA building, located just outwith the boundaries of the Community Council’s area. As the building was listed and likely to affect the Glasgow West Outstanding Conservation Area, Ms Flavin thought it might be of interest to the Council. She outlined local action which had included a leafleting campaign and encouraging residents to write in to the City Council. After a brief discussion it was agreed the Community Council had a locus in this matter and should write to the City Council expressing opposition to the proposal and also indicating its view that these masts were unacceptable in ANY residential area. Mike agreed to attend to this matter.

6. Treasurers Report AL reported that the establishment grant had been received but by her calculations after payment of outstanding accounts, subscriptions etc the Council were left with only £38. After some discussion it transpired that it was not necessary to pay a full years hall lets, although that had been the custom in the past. It was also agreed that we should write to the Council, post AGM when the issue of finance was likely to figure prominently on the new CC’s agenda, requesting a specific grant for childcare costs.

7. Planning
a) MT reported that the only ongoing issue was the redevelopment of the former Shell site on Queen Margaret Drive. Comments had previously been submitted by the Community Council but amended plans had now been submitted. These were substantially better than previous plans but a number of concerns were still evident. Residents in Oban Drive and surrounding area were concerned and RN had been active in keeping them informed. A meeting was to be arranged with these local residents and a draft response for CC approval would be circulated in due course.
b) On the matter of the Compendium Trust there was further delay at the hands of sportscotland who now wanted independent advice on the business plan and proposed management arrangements.
c) At the most recent NW Area Committee the most relevant item was the planned Parks Development programme which, although not having any small scale proposals in the Council’s area, had a number of significant projects just outwith the area and which served residents of North Kelvin – most notably restoration of the Stewart Memorial fountain in Kelvingrove park, improved lighting at the Botanic Gardens and footpath and railing repairs at the Kelvin Walkway.

8. Information/Website RN tabled a mock up of the revised website which everyone thought was wonderful. RN was praised for her work on this vital area of communication. She reported the site was receiving between 300 and 500 unique sites(users) per month. The BBC were due to appear at a meeting of Hillhead CC, but failed to appear. Personality clashes were reported on Riverwatch but RN and DG were congratulated for their work on this, to be highlighted at a FORK event the following weekend.

9. Health No report

10. Newsletter SP indicated that the meeting at which our application for funding would be considered took place the following day. It was agreed we would meet on 6th August to put the Newsletter together. DN to provide a template to follow for the articles

11. Youth Sub Committee No report

12. Communications The following items were distributed : Publicity for Mobility Week Meeting re Kelvingrove Bandstand on 12th June Patricia Ferguson – Make Poverty History Community Council Election – Susan to complete details Victim of Crime leaflet Glasgow & Clyde Valley Structure Plan Strategic Best Value Review – Open Spaces Social Work – Action Plan Association of Community Councils MP/MSP Newsletters

13. Next Meeting There is no meeting in July and the next meeting will therefore be 10th August.


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