Minutes – 11 May 2005

Minutes 11 May 2005

1. Welcome and Registration, a. Present: A L, D G (Vice Chair), S P (Chair), R N (Information), D N (Youth Sub Committee) JM (City Council), PC Addison and Sgt.Burrell(Maryhill Community Police) b. Apologies – H M, K M, M Th, B G,

2. Minutes of Previous Meetings and Matters Arising a. The minutes of April were approved. b. It was unanimously decided to go ahead with the production of a newsletter and to apply for a Resource Centre grant to do so. One-off publication, 4 pages of tabloid, content as discussed at previous newsletter sub-committee meeting, to be distributed from 5th September.

3. Police Report by PC Addison, a. Crime figures for the area as follows: 10 vehicle crimes – none detected, 9 disorders for which 8 detentions were made, 2 assaults – not detected, 2 cases of vandalism of which 1 detected, 2 cases of drug misuse – both detected, 4 crimes of dishonesty of which 2 detected, 2 robberies (including Kelvinside Mini Market) – no detections and (unusually) 1 case of wilful fire raising (in La Crosse Terrace) – no detection made. The overall detection rate was 41 %. b. Police reported an on going problems with youths hanging out around La Crosse Terrace and The Coach House Trust especially prior to and after school hours, this is exacerbated by the warmer weather and also drug and alcohol use. c. Police were enthusiastic about their new bikes. The bikes can be superior to patrol cars in making a swift and quiet approach. d. Police appealed for the public to give accurate descriptions when making reports about suspicious characters. e. Police would like to recommend that women do not go running alone (especially at night or late evening). Running in pairs is recommended as an effective way of discouraging harassment. f. The police are working with the Council Community Safety Dept. and Schools in encouraging school students to be more caring of the urban environment. Clean-up trips are being organised. g. Police are reporting cases of graffiti to the Council Graffiti Line h. Police consider the Street Watch CCTV at Woodside to be very effective in identifying those carrying out graffiti. i. Claire asked that future emails be sent to her rather than to Sgt. Mackie

4. Councillor Reports from Jim Mackechnie a. Belmont Street Parking Restrictions – The period of consultation is over (deadline was 22nd April) and objections are being examined by Roads Engineers. The matter may come before the Committee in 4 weeks time however if that date is missed no decisions will be taken until the Autumn. Objectors fear a displacement of vehicles in Wilton Street and adjacent streets. The engineers propose a buffer zone ie. cars will be allowed to park on Belmont Bridge and beyond. Cllr. Mackechnie is not convinced that this is a suitable area for parking. He warned that any of the public who wrote with objections and have received a reply are required to write again confirming their objection. b. 60 Steps Trust – The Trust have accepted a tender costing £5000 for a feasibility study. This will give an accurate idea of the cost and work required for a restoration of the Steps. The Trust are applying to the North West Area Committee and Glasgow West Conservation Trust for funds to cover the cost of the study. c. Compendium Trust – No news. A decision from Sport Scotland is expected at the end of May. If Sport Scotland fail to support the project this time around, it is believed that Compendium have a contingency plan which involves seeking further money from Queens X Housing Assoc. which will allow part of the project to be realised. d. Youth Workers – JM feels there is a need for Youth Workers in the North Kelvin Area. The Council are supplying a Street Youth Worker (on a 6 week placement) who will identify need. JM suggested The Kelvin Walkway and the top of Stair Street as areas for the Street Youth Worker to target. SP suggested that it would be useful for the Youth Worker to approach Breakthrough and Donnie (NKCC). e. Building Controls -SP asked Cllr. Mackechnie about the effectiveness of Building Controls. He confirmed that the powers of intervention by Building Control are limited – the quality of work is not always inspected and self-certification by Builders is common. f. Shop Conversion – JM will check on the state of planning permission for a shop conversion in Braeside Street . g. Shell Site – JM suggests that we should not be too hopeful of the developers accommodating all the public’s concerns about the development. However he hopes that some changes will be made to the design.

5. Treasurer’s Report -After the close of the meeting AL kindly agreed to act as our new treasurer.

6. Planning, Licensing & Northwest Area – no report

7. Information – Website and Library – RN was thanked for the poster blitz informing local residents on state of play regarding the Shell Site Flats.

8. Health – no report

9. Youth Sub-Committee – no report

10. Communications – These included info from Patricia Ferguson on the Licensing Scotland Bill which will promote a sensible approach to opening hours, no proof-no sale, a crack down on irresponsible promotions. Included with the letter was a petition supporting the bill to be signed and returned. The Strategic Best Value Review of Parks was received – SP is reading this. The Community Council was made the offer of a speaker to come and talk about how to get involved with The Scottish Parliament – this letter will be kept on file.

11. Correspondence see item 10

12. Organisational Matters The Community Council’s admin grant £586 has been received .£75 has been deducted at source to cover insurance.

13. AOCB/ Late Issues a. Maps DG distributed interesting old maps of the area and a poem to be included in the newsletter. b. Recruitment Drive It was suggested that we raise awareness by setting up a NKCC stall at Queens X Gala, Queen Margaret Drive Shops and Queens X Shops. DG will ask River Watch if some NKCC info can be displayed on their stall at the FORK Gala on June 11th. RN to provide a flyer for this. DG to produce a poster to jointly advertise the AGM/Official Election meeting in October and to recruit new members.

14. Open Forum (Public Contributions) -none

15. Next Meetings 8th June (Cllr. Mackechnie made his apologies in advance). No meeting in July


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