Minutes – 13 April 2005

Minutes 13 April 2005

Present: B G, M Th, D G, R N, D N, S P, D K Apologies: A L, J MacK

Matters arising: minutes of previous meeting were agreed as amended. BG agreed to continue providing the agenda and sederunt NKCC Newsletter The meeting agreed to create a newsletter sub-committee to deal with it. All present to be on it, to meet in a fortnight. SP listed a number of criteria which we must meet in order for the newsletter to comply with C.C. regulations. Suggested specification was: Size: A3 folded Quantity: x4000 Frequency: One-off Distribution: contact distributors of Glaswegian newspaper for a quote Friday 13th May is the deadline for submission of completed plan. The newsletter will also include sections on the role of the Community Council, how readers can get involved etc. DN suggested interviews with local activists/workers e.g. from Breakthrough project, the meeting agreed to this. BG agreed to do the layout.

Planning Mike told the meeting of proposed parking bays and meters on Belmont Street. The City Council proposal also includes resident permits. This is consistent with other proposals in the west end, as advertised in the Herald. MT anticipated there would be objections to the new scheme, and recommended we email Cllr MacKechnie with our views. MT and RN circulated letters of objection to the planned build at Oban Drive. RN said she wanted to generate community involvement in our opposition. Mike listed a number of roads which will be resurfaced. SP suggested that this could be included in the newsletter. Treasurer’s report Dk said she will resign from the CC as she is moving to England. The meeting agreed that DKs contribution has been invaluable, and she was warmly thanked. DK said that in her two to three years’ involvement she has found the CC really interesting, and praised the meeting. We now need a new treasurer; RN agreed to ask ALif she will take it on. Meanwhile the treasurer’s box will be kept at BGs house.

Info, website and library nothing new to report

Youth Sub-committee DN reported on the meeting with Inspector Ross of Maryhill Polis. He will continue dialogue with the breakthrough project. The meeting agreed to a youth page on the website and newsletter

Health BG reported that NHS Glasgow are seeking a site for a Children’s hospital. There was also a consultation on sexual health. There was an extended and informed discussion about a proposed smoking ban in all hospital grounds. NKCC has been approached as part of NHS consultation. Dorothy raised concern that banning smoking outside was going too far. BG agreed to circulate a proposed response via the e-group.

Other City Council have free poop-scoopers available. The meeting agreed five to nil (1 abstention) to renew membership of Association of Scottish Community Councils @ £15 p.a. There was also a query as to whether or not we had paid our membership fee last year. DN to arrange a hustings in the run-up to the May 5 general election. BG spoke at length about the lack of wheelie bins on her street. SP spoke about housing plans in her street regarding a downpipe The meeting finished at 9pm


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