Minutes – 15 October 2007 (AGM)



7.00 P.M.



In Attendance

Mark Adams Kevin Edgar Peter Blackshaw
Kirsty Davidson Gillian Stevenson Susannah Hallas
Elizabeth Edgar Michael Abubakur Colin Dobbie
David Beavan Janet Andrews
Ian Law (CCRC) Cllr Jim MacKechnie

Apologies were received from Dorothy Gow and Eddie Devlin.

1. Introduction and Welcome

Attendees introduced themselves to the meeting. Ian Law explained that he was here as independent returning officer for the election process and to assist the community council in re-establishing.

2. Approval of 2006 AGM Minutes

Mark Adams explained that the 2006 AGM Minutes were unavailable at this time. Ian Law said that the AGM business, being that of the past year is dealt with by the outgoing members. There are insufficient outgoing members to deal with AGM business and this would be dealt with through the CCRC.

3. Annual Report

As stated above there are insufficient members to approve a report however, Mark Adams outlined the main problems over the last year relating to decreasing membership and inquorate meetings. Ian Law agreed that it had been a difficult year for NKCC but that he was greatly encouraged by the attendance at the meeting and felt more assured that there is a positive future for NKCC.

4. Approval of Audited Accounts

Ian Law stated that this would be dealt with by the CCRC as the AGM is inquorate.

5. 2007 Election Results

Ian Law read out the 6 nominations received prior to the closing date as follows:

Candidate Address
Mark Adams Mingarry Street
Eddie Devlin Oban Drive
Peter Blackshaw Oban Drive
Dorothy Gow Melrose Gardens
Kirsty Davidson Oban Drive
David Beavan Oban Drive

The following 7 nominations were received at the meeting

Candidate Address
Elizabeth Edgar Oban Drive
Kevin Edgar Oban Drive
Gillian Stevenson Oban Drive
Janet Andrews Fergus Drive
Susannah Hallas Oban Drive
Colin Dobbie Oban Court
Michael Abubakar Kelvinside Gardens

All nominations are validated and the above 13 candidates were duly elected unopposed.

6. Appointment of Office Bearers

The 13 newly elected members were asked to nominate the following office bearers

Chairperson              Nomination                Mark Adams

Proposed                   Janet Andrews

Seconded                  Gillian Stevenson

Secretary                   Nomination                Peter Blackshaw

Proposed                   Susannah Hallas

Seconded                  Gillian Stevenson

Vice-Chair                  Nomination                Gillian Stevenson

Proposed                   Janet Andrews

Seconded                  Kevin Edgar

Minute Secretary      Nomination                Kirsty Davidson

Proposed                   David Beavan

Seconded                  Mark Adams

Treasurer                  Nomination                Kevin Edgar

Proposed                   Mark Adams

Seconded                  Gillian Stevenson

Ian Law thanked the office bearers for their willingness to accept the nominated positions and said that he would provide the new members in office bearer positions with information to explain the respective roles.

It was also agreed that Gillian Stevenson continues the role of planning secretary.


No formal items were discussed.

8. Date of Next Meeting

The normal meeting date of the community council will be the 3rd Wednesday of the month. The date of the next meeting is the 21 November 2007.


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