Minutes – 16 January 2008

North Kelvin Community Council Minutes

Wednesday 16 January 2008 at 6.30pm

Queens Cross Community Room

Present: Gillian Stevenson (GS) (Vice-Chair); Janet Andrews (JA); Dave Beavan (DB) (Website & Library); Peter Blackshaw (PB) (Secretary); Kevin Edgar (KE) (Treasurer); Liz Edgar (LE); Councillor Jim MacKechnie (JM); Councillor Kieran Wild (KW); Kirsty Davidson (KD) (Minute Secretary)

In Attendance: Euan Hill (EH) from Environment Protection Services and Ingrid McClements (IMcC)

Apologies: Mark Adams (MA) (Chair); Eddie Devlin (ED); Susie Hallas (SH)


GS welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked EH and KW to introduce themselves.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising

There were no matters arising.


EH said that the Council have had complaints about the location of recycling bins on Raeberry Street. The bins have been moved on numerous occasions and unfortunately had to be permanently removed in August. The Council are now looking for an alternative location. EH would welcome any suggestions and said he was happy to come back to future meetings.

EH said that the Council were currently looking into cost effective ways of expanding the blue bin scheme and the possibility of adding glass recycling to the scheme.

EH said that the Council are piloting a recycling scheme at the facilities opposite Belhaven Nursery School. Cow bins are to replace the traditional recycling bins.

Councillors’ Report

Wilton Street tenement collapse

JM reported that the Council are still waiting for the Health and Safety Executive’s report, but there was a possibility that they might not make the report public. JM said that he would make a Freedom of Information request to get the report if this happens.

JM said that the footway had been reopened, but the lane down the side of the site was still closed. There is also an issue over ownership of the lane.

Twenty’s Plenty Zone

JM said there had been a suggestion of creating a twenty’s plenty zone in the area to the east of Queen Margaret Drive.

Resurfacing on Oban Passage

JM reported that Oban Passage is not in the Council’s portfolio, so they are currently investigating who owns the land. The best outcome would be that the land is owned by the school site, as the Council could possibly do a deal with Queen’s Cross Housing Association to get it resurfaced.

St Charles’s School

A proposal has been submitted to convert some of St Charles’s playground into a garden, but funding is going to be an issue. JM said that he had received a letter from the school children detailing their fundraising ideas.

Dunard Primary School

KW said that he has been dealing with the issue of pigeon fowling on the school playground, due to safety concerns.

JA objects to the 24hr bus lanes on Maryhill Road, considering that Great Western Road only limits access at peak times. JA said she had written to Robert Booth (Executive Director of Land and Environmental Services) about this issue and he had replied that there will be a review of the scheme.

Action: JA to draft a letter on this issue and pass it to PB.

Planning Report

Oban Drive

GS said that she has requested the plans three times, but still not received them. JM had a copy of the plans with him.

JM reported that there might be a delay in the plans going before the Planning Committee, as there is a concern about the noise from the proposed redeveloped playing fields.

GS suggested that a separate meeting is held to discuss Oban Drive and we invite Queen’s Cross Housing Association, the architect and someone from the Council’s Planning Department. JM offered the City Chambers as a venue and agreed to confirm details with GS.

Action: GS to contact MA and ED to ask them to invite Queen’s Cross Housing Association and the architect.

Information – website

DB reported that the website was up and running. Any additional articles or links would be welcome.

It was agreed that we need to publicise the website.

Action: LE and KE to design and circulate a poster.

Communications and correspondence

PB reported that he had received a letter from the Community Council’s Resource Centre requesting our bank details in order to give us our grant.

KE said that he had visited the bank and MA, PB and he have to go to the bank together to change the signatories.


JA proposed moving the meetings to St Charles’s school. Members were in agreement with this suggestion, although we might be committed to Queens Cross Community Room for the immediate future.

Action: JA to contact MA about the proposal.

Next meeting – Wednesday 20 February @ 6.30pm, Queens Cross Community Room


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