Minutes – 19 March 2008

North Kelvinside Community Council

Minutes from meeting on 19th March 2008


Mark S Adams (Chair)

Peter Blackshaw (Secretary)

Kevin Edgar (Treasurer)

Liz Edgar

Colin Dobbie

Janet Andrews

Dorothy Gow

Susie Hallas

Alex Copland ( C&S Glasgow)

Keiran Wild ( GCC Councillor)

Police Report

  • Police absent from meeting this week as on holiday
  • Break-in on Oban Drive still being investigated and nothing new to report
  • Oban Drive security doors said to be left open, Keiran will contact Steven Scott to enquire

Parking Restrictions

  • The Council has proposed that residents pay £50 a year for parking. This is to stop commuters parking and using the underground etc.
  • 20p an hour parking for non-residents
  • Free in evening after 6pm and before 8am and weekends
  • Can apply for 2 permits per property
  • Letters will be sent in the next month

Planning Report on NK Pitches

  • Progress is going well
  • Will be staffed by council up to 10pm which will need funding of around £100,00 a year but Alex Copland says funds are likely to be raised
  • MUGA to be extended to play more sports
  • Full size state of the art pitch with latest 3G generation surface
  • Car Park entrance too close to junction
  • Plans to move Pavilion up towards Maryhill and car park down to ease traffic
  • Pavilion plans still to be finalised
  • Issue of persisting trouble from teenagers arose but Alex assures there will be adequate security to prevent trouble
  • Alex plans to have a cardboard model ready for next time he is present

For the letter regarding traffic in North Kelvinside it has been proposed that 2 separate letters be sent with 1 remaining as it is and the other being tweaked. Peter Blackshaw to send.

Treasury Report

  • Cheques are now ready to be used by the Community Council
  • Cheque to be issued to pay for hall. Kevin Edgar will write cheques for hire of Queens Cross Hall and previous church hall.


  • Letter received regarding Community Plan Partnership. Someone will be along to speak in May.
  • It has been requested that someone come along to next meeting to show designs for Clouston Street site. Extend invitation to Clouston Street residents.
  • Administration grant, still waiting on audited accounts. Were to be in for 31/03/2008
  • Women’s hockey team have asked for use of NK pitches. They have been asked to contact Mark Adams.

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