Minutes – 17 June 2009

North Kelvin Community Council Notes

Wednesday 17 June 2009 at 6.30pm

St. Charles School Library

Present: Dave Beavan (DB) Dorothy Gow (DG) Councillor James McKechnie (JM)

Apologies: Mark Adams (Chair) Eddie Devlin (ED) Susie Hallas (SH)

Kevin Edgar (KE) Liz Edgar (LE) Kirsty Davidson (KD)

Peter Blackshaw (PB)

1. Welcome

Meeting not quorate, but DB had anticipated Rep. from Aspire coming to give a presentation of their work with the Homeless. This was cancelled which was just as well owing to the small attendance at this meeting.

2. Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising N/A

3. Police Report N/A

4. Councillor’s Report

North Kelvinside Greenspace are actively seeking publicity (Evening Times and

ITV). D.B. produced copy from Evening Times Online which claimed that GCC

agreed to sell the site on Clouston Street to developers New City Vision last year.

North Kelvin Greenspace have appropiated the site of Clouston Street playing fields

and are calling it a “Meadow” despite the football pitches and rusty pylons. They

have a website funded by O2 and Shell and are making a tool shed and equipment

store out of an old brick shelter in the south west corner. They claim the “Director of

the Botanic Gardens ” is advising them on gardening matters. They have encouraged

pupils from Kelbourne School to grow plants on the site, though their own school

grounds have plenty of space for these activities. They have also ignored the danger

to these children of injuries from the rusty metal lurking in the grass – and the liability

ensuing. They have had backing from Glasgow writers Alasdair Gray and Louise

Welsh who have signed a 230 name petition, also politicians Patrick Harvie and

Kieran Wild, none of whom have bothered to seek out the history of the site.

Mark Eden Bushel has, amongst others, sent an e mail of support.

Jim McChesney former Chair of NKCC with 15 years of community service had

started up the Compendium trust with plans to change the derelict site to a sport

Ground with some housing nearby, there would be a running track, pitches and leafy

areas for quieter pursuits such a Tai Chi, Meditation, etc. He faced so many

problems over the years – tenders enormously over budget, architects who did not

engage with the Planning Department, building that were unacceptable in density

and height, grants that were promised from Sport Scotland but were always deferred.

The best prospect out of this are plans from New City Vision which has housing

sympathetic to the area with a small park included. The money raised, £1.1 million

should have gone towards building a new sports facility on the former North

Kelvinside School football pitches, which were kept open by Councillor McKechnie

after the school was demolished. The present Chair of NKCC Mark Adams has put

an enormous amount of effort into organising football activities for North Kelvinside

youngsters. Now unfortunately owing to the recession, New City Vision will only be

able to build a little at a time, so the funding for the Sports Ground will be delayed.

However Councillor McKechnie has arranged a meeting with the Leader of the

Council to see if Council could put up money meantime, so that work on the pitches

can go ahead.


Planning application for Shell Filling Station approved.


Development and Regeneration Services will do a survey, if they

5. Treasurer’s Report

6. Information – website

7. Communications and correspondence


Next meeting – TBA


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