Minutes – 20 May 2009

North Kelvin Community Council Minutes

Wednesday 20 May 2009 at 6.30pm

St. Charles School

Present: Dave Beavan (DB) (Vice-Chair, Website & Library); Peter Blackshaw (PB) (Secretary); Eddie Devlin (ED); Kevin Edgar (KE) (Treasurer); Dorothy Gow (DG); Councillor Jim MacKechnie (JM); Kirsty Davidson (KD) (Minute Secretary)

Apologies: Mark Adams (MA) (Chair); Janet Andrews (JA); Liz Edgar (LE); Susie Hallas (SH)


DB thanked everyone for attending.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising

As the April meeting did not have a quorum, the minutes of the March meeting were approved by ED and seconded by KE.

DB explained that the April meeting had been a brainstorming session about how to promote the Community Council.

KD said she had obtained a quote from David Ogilvie for a notice board and this came in at £1,500-£2,000. ED suggested placing a notice board either side of a bus shelter. JM said he was not sure if this would be possible, as they are heavily contracted and paid for by the advertisers. JA had emailed suggesting placing the notice board at the end of Curves car park. Both PB and ED felt this was a bit out of the way and that it really needed to be on Queen Margaret Drive. DB asked everyone to continue to think of ideas.

Police Report

The police were not in attendance, so no report was given.

Councillor’s Report

JM said the Council have written to New City Vision to ask them to come in for a meeting to discuss the situation with regards to the Clouston Street development. He said New City Vision offered £10 million for the Clouston Street site, which was more than the Council had expected.

JM said he had visited the North Kelvinside football pitches earlier in the week and the broken fences and broken glass have been removed. It would cost £30,000 to get the floodlighting up and running again on the football pitches, as they have reached the end of their life. JM said the Council would not spend this amount of money, when they will be removed in due course.

JM reported a new games court is currently being created on the site of the old bowling green in Ruchill Park. There will be an outdoor keep fit area and a basketball hoop.

Discussion on Aspire

PB confirmed the Aspire Manager will be attending the June meeting.

It was agreed to postpone this agenda item until June, as it had previously been agreed that our position would be discussed after hearing from Aspire.

Action: DB to advertise on the website that the Aspire Manager will be attending the June meeting. PB to add this item to the agenda for the June meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

KE said there is currently £770 in the bank.

KE confirmed the annual accounts have been prepared, he is just waiting for them to be checked. KE said he would send them off before the next meeting.

Information – website

DB reported there were 769 page views in April, which is lower than in previous months. DB said he felt the posters had generated interest, showing that publicity does work. DB suggested as there is money to spend we should get more posters distributed.

DB said visitors to the website are interested in the previous minutes and particular issues such as Clouston Street, the old school site on Oban Drive etc.

Communications and correspondence

PB confirmed elections will take place on 21 October and that he has to confirm everyone’s contact details to the Community Councils’ Resource Centre.

Action: DB to email ED the up to date email list.

PB reported he had received copies of the area map. JM said the Council are reviewing boundaries and the Community Council will be asked to comment on proposals.


KD submitted her apologies for the June meeting. DG agreed to take the meeting notes and ED agreed to type the notes up.

ED asked JM about the new 20s plenty sign that has recently appeared at the bottom of Oban Drive and whether there are plans for more to be displayed up the length of the street. JM said the Council intend to paint signs on the road instead.

Next meeting – 17 June 2009 @ 6.30pm, St. Charles School


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