Report on Partick Thistle Development

North Kelvin Community Council meeting held on
Wednesday 17 March 2010 at 6:30pm
St. Charles School


Presentation of Partick Thistle development

ZM Architecture said the proposed development would be three residential blocks sitting above a base unit, which is currently designated as commercial/football club space. One block will contain 36 one and two bed flats for private sale, while the other two blocks will contain 37 one and two bed flats for social housing.

Councillor MacKechnie raised the issue of the fact that there will be 73 flats and only 18 parking spaces provided. The Community Council shared his concern. ZM Architecture said they had been advised that there did not need to be any car parking spaces for the social housing and 50% provided for the private housing.

ZM Architecture said that Partick Thistle has approximately 160 parking spaces behind the Jackie Husband stand, which are only utilised on match days. ZM Architecture said they would look into defining how these parking spaces could be used/managed during the week, but still maintain the ability to close South Drive off for fans on match day.

The Community Council requested that ZM Architecture address the issue of parking spaces and look into the ability to provide more. The preference would be for undercroft or integrated parking.

The issue of having commercial/retail space as part of the development was raised. ZM Architecture said it made the best use of space. ZM Architecture explained the space had been left flexible, so that small or large units can be catered for.

ZM Architecture was asked about not providing family housing, which is surely at odds with what the local community needs. ZM Architecture agreed, but said that providing family housing on this development would not work.

The issue of the current mix of material in the area was raised and it was hoped that the development would blend in with the current environment, to ensure it becomes part of the community. ZM Architecture confirmed that the direction they are currently going in, due to cost, is a building made of brick and masonry.

Councillor MacKechnie raised the issue of the space behind the pillars at ground level, which might provide an area for anti-social behaviour. The Community Council shared his concern. ZM Architecture said they would take this on board.


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