Minutes – 18 January 2012

North Kelvin Community Council Draft Minutes

Wednesday 18 January 2012 at 6:30pm
St. Charles School

Members present: Kate Wooding (Chair- KW), Peter Blackshaw (PW), Douglas Peacock (DP), Jane Morgan (JM), Julia Macpherson (JMac), Cameron Macfarlane (CM), Rachel Morley (RM)Ian Stoddart (IS), Rona Wilkinson (RW), Laura Barton (LB)

Attending: Councillor Mackechnie (JMcK);,

Apologies: Gordon Barnes (GB),


Kate welcomes the 3 new members onto the Community Council.

Police Report.

  1. PC Holly Canning and PC David Dundas both from Beat 70 attended and submitted their report. In Summary the big issue was thefts. Such as attempted break in, and bike thefts.
  2. There were 78 Crimes in the last Month, 32 of which were detected leaving 46 undetected.
  3. Breaking these figures down further shows there were 5 assaults, 2 of which were serious, both being detected. There were 19 House Break in, 2 robberies of the person, 4 street drinking crimes (doesn’t inc fixed penalty notices), 10 of vandalism, 10 Road Traffic crimes, 2 drugs, 2 Toilet in a public place.
  4. Officers believe CCTV would be warranted based on this level of crime which has been high in this area for some time. There isn’t one street or area that has the focus of crime but its recognized that Queen Margret Drive (QMD) is the central route through the area. And for that reason the Officers would recommend CCTV being fixed on that street. Where would be down to discussion with the community which the officers would give advice on if it was thought a likely hood of installing this. They also said mobile CCTV has been an effected option in other places and would recommend all CCTV being able to swivel 360 degrees.
  5. Officers pointed out further stats are available on the local Police website.

Planning Presentation

  1. Jane gave a presentation on Planning within Glasgow.
  2. What is a Planning issue and what isn’t.
  3. How decisions are made and by who. With reference to the City Plan and how consultations make they’re way into this document. There was no right of 3rd party appeal.
  4. Calling in to the Scottish Minister was also discussed.

Issues and Ideas

  1. Kate opened the discussion. The following put their names down to help drive forward action on these topics:

Young People – Cameron & Laura

Traffic – Ian & Jane

Recycling – Douglas & Rona

Retailers – Kate & Julia

It was decided at the next Meeting we’d break into groups as per above and brain storm the topics . The output of this would be to come up with a Plan and how to action it. Kate stated this wouldn’t be expected to happen in one meeting but would take a while and some topics would be easier and quicker than others than might need more research.

It was decided that after this initial “work group” session. One person from each group would summarize where they were at and tell the rest of the Community Council. It was felt that members would probably have to meet and talk through their topics with their colleagues in the weeks and months after this meeting.

The above Topics are still open to be added to and people can add themselves onto other topics in the future.

Julia mentioned that the Recycling should also include Composting. This was agreed.

Community Clean Up of Oban Lane

  1. George Mitchell was the resident who asked for this. It was decided we should as a Community Council organize this. It has been an action outstanding for a long time. After discussion on the nettle and bramble growth in summer months it was decided to have this event sometime at a weekend in March 2012.
  2. Jane agreed to be the project lead for this.
  3. Likely items to be actioned would be:
    1. Liaise with George Mitchell and ask his help to organize.
    2. Choose either a sat or sun in March without a major sporting event happening at the same time.
    3. Contact Clean Glasgow (Gabe) to supply gloves and litter pick up tools.
    4. Make up posters telling people of the event and distribute them to residents in the Oban Drive area as well as putting these posters up within the area.
    5. Update NKCC website with details of the Clean Up.
    6. Bake or buy cakes plus bring hot drinks in thermos.
    7. Commence event which would also be a way of letting people know about the Community Council.

Councilors Report by Jim Mackechnie

  1. Winter Weather on Dec 5th and 6th caused issues on children getting to school. Issues on gritting as Oban Drive was closed. This was an unauthorized closure and is being investigated.
  2. 60 steps is being refurbished which the Council are paying for. In 1976 the Council agreed it would “Keep Safe” the 60 steps but would not spend money on enhancing them. Members of the 60 steps are creating a fund for works that may be carried out in future. There will be a notice board at the top of the steps giving further details.
  3. Jim stated that the ongoing discussions between New City Vision Ltd and the Council would mean a Planning application would be submitted very soon re the North Kelvin Meadow. He recognized this has been said before many times.
  4. £170k has been allocated for lightning renovations on various streets. Expected streets to be included were: Clouston , Kelvin , Sanda , Mingarry and Hotspur streets.


  1. Peter mentioned again the Concrete pavement issue on QMD which he stated had been getting worse.
  2. Others issues were a Man hole cover and a tree that had blown down. It was agreed that the Tree issue was between private residents and not a Council matter.


Apart from an HMO request there were no planning issues raised.

Web Master

  1. Personal emails are activated and GB would be sending an email shortly for new members to confirm this was OK.
  2. A Training session would be organized for members.
  3. Kate stated that google documents would begin to be used by the Community Council to enable it to share documents online.
  4. Gordon has moved the NKCC website over to a new server which will give us greater control over updating etc.
  5. It was agreed we would doubly up email addresses for those that have “named” titles such as Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer etc. This would mean when people are on holiday / sick / busy community council business can still be carried on. Kate would start by allocating out those to pair up.

Treasurer Report

Current Bank balance is £1,173.25

Previous minutes of Meeting held on 16th November 2011 were approved by Kate and seconded by Peter


  1. Julia & Peter will attend the next Community Council discussion Forum which is in 226 Parish Halls , George street and starts 8.50 – 9.20am
  2. Rachel would like to tell us more details on a new way of Community Consultations via some information she has come across.
  3. Kate will finalize the “Bike Poster” by emails with members.

Kate asked for any agenda items to be sent to her self in plenty of time for the next meeting. However the next meeting would mostly be taken up with the “Issues and Ideas “ working group breakout session.

Cameron to minute next meeting.


Next Meeting will be 6.30 pm Wednesday 15th February at St Charles School.


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