Minutes – 15 February 2012

Members present: Kate Wooding (Chair- KW), Peter Blackshaw (PW),

Douglas Peacock (DP), Jane Morgan (JM), Julia Macpherson (JMac), Cameron

Macfarlane (CM), Rachel Morley (RM) Ian Stoddart (IS), Laura Barton (LB)

Attending: Councillor Jim MacKechnie (JMcK)

Apologies: Gordon Barnes (GB), Rona Wilkinson (RW)

  1. Welcome, introductions, apologies:

Attendees and apologies confirmed

  1. Police Report:

No police report provided as officers not in attendance.

  1. Planning issue (QMD retail outlet):

KW confirmed that issue in question is an application for a Hot Food Takeaway in currently unoccupied, newly built unit on Queen Margaret Drive, which had originally been granted planning permission for a Retail unit.

JM advised that it is possible for NKCC to comment or object on grounds including the potential increase in related noise, litter, and illegal parking, but not on the grounds of competition with existing businesses, and that any comments must be submitted to Planning Officer by 20/12/2012.

JMcK suggested that NKCC may also legitimately comment on grounds of protecting residential amenity under Rule SC11 of City Plan 2, as quantity of Hot Food shops (including cafes and takeaways should not exceed 20% of total units, which would appear to be the case in Queen Margaret Drive. JMcK confirmed that there are also issues with altering premises from Class 1 (Retail) to Class 3 (Hot Food Shop) before unit has ever been occupied.

JM noted that much of the newly built housing in and around the unit are not yet occupied and potential residents do not therefore have any opportunity to take a view on this application.

DP informed that there may also be issues with the application due to the proximity of the unit to nearby childrens playgrounds, as there are rules restricting the existence of Hot Food Takeaways within 400 yards of playgrounds. It was noted that further clarification may be required in order to ascertain whether this related to any public playground or school and/or nursery playgrounds only.

RM, CM, JMac and LB confirmed no strong feelings in respect of submitting objection.

JM noted concerns in respect of noise and amenity.

PB also noted concerns in respect of overprovision of Hot Food Takeaways and potential for increased illegal parking.

Vote was taken over decision to submit objection and motion was carried on basis of 4 votes in favour, 0 votes against, and 5 abstentions. JM therefore agreed to submit objection on behalf of NKCC.

  1. 2012 Issues, brainstorming, and plenary:

Members split into two groups to discuss issues with one group focusing on Local Retailers and Traffic & Parking, and the other on Young People & QMD football pitches and Recycling. Each group identified problems, solutions and actions before feeding back to the whole meeting.

Feedback on Traffic & Parking:

Problem: School Parking and related congestion around St Charles Primary School.

Solution/Action: KW, JM and JMcK to meet with St Charles Primary School to discuss suggestions for potential solutions.

Problem: Traffic Speed.

Solution/Action: NKCC to survey community to identify particular problem areas and gather opinion on proposed solutions before having discussions with Glasgow City Council (GCC) Traffic Officers.

Problem: Illegal parking on double yellow lines outside TESCO causing obstruction to buses.

Solution/Action: NKCC to investigate scale of problem by surveying community to identify problem areas and approaching bus companies for information. NKCC to raise issue with GCC.

KW invited comments on additional issues on this topic.

RM suggested NKCC encourage cycling through promotion of increase in cycle lanes and other cycle friendly measures.

CM commented that potholes on Oban Drive and Fergus Drive cause difficulty for drivers and present potential risks of accidents. It was noted that these potholes create a major disincentive to increased cycling as they present particular safety risks for cyclists.

JMcK confirmed that GCC continue to investigate and repair roads on a citywide basis and that Oban Drive is on the list of streets to be repaired.

KW informed that websites exist to provide information on roads which are particularly affected by potholes and NKCC could aim to promote awareness of these sites.

Feedback on Recycling:

Problems: Low Recycling rates in Glasgow. Lack of clarity over items which can/cannot be recycled, and availability of recycling facilities.

Solution/Action: NKCC to raise awareness of recycling facilities within local area by putting up posters and utilising NKCC website, as well as creating NKCC Social Media accounts to further increase ability to outreach. NKCC to approach GCC to request information is provided in respect of what items can/cannot be recycled in Blue Bins and other facilities provided.

IS commented that many people do not use the Blue Bins currently provided for recycling and suggested the development of a main, communal recycling area within the North Kelvin area. Other members commented that their Blue Bins were well used and it was noted that there may be different levels of use of Blue Bins between individual flats. This was followed by discussion around whether it may be more feasible and/or desirable to encourage people to use existing facilities.

Feedback on Local Retailers:

Problem: Some shopping areas are not aesthetically pleasing and/or do not provide desired amenity.

Solution/Action: Improve utility and attractiveness of shopping areas through inviting local retailers to join a forum, promote installation of bicycle racks, CCTV and raised pavements. Approach TESCO to enquire about potential financial contributions to improvements through Social Responsibility budgets.

Problem: High Turnover of retailers and high level of vacant shops.

Solution/Action: Investigate potential to use empty units for Pop-Up shops, community advice centre, charity shops, etc. Approach individual landlords to assess viability of these suggestions.

Feedback on Young People & QMD Pitches:

Problem: Lack of representation on NKCC and related lack of knowledge over needs of young people in local area.

Solution/Action: Contact local youth groups to identify views of young people. Greater utilisation of Social Media/Networking in order to engage young people.

Problem: No release of available funding for improvements of QMD pitches before sale of North Kelvin Meadow.

Solution/Action: Contact GCC to enquire about available funding and future plans for development. Encourage release of any existing funds prior to any potential sale of North Kelvin Meadow. Contact Wyndford Community Council to discuss ideas for joint action.

KW noted the need to clarify delegated actions and to decide on which order to address these, as well as agreeing the amount of time to devote to each issue.

It was agreed that decisions will be taken in respect of these issues at next meeting.

  1. Community Clean Up

JM provided all members with copy of project plan/task list for community clean up.

KW volunteered to take on role of identifying equipment required and contacting GCC to arrange for delivery and collection of this.

JM and KW confirmed they would contact resident who originally suggested clean up to arrange site visit in order to determine required actions and necessary equipment.

JM suggested 24th or 25th of March 2012 as possible dates for clean up but will survey availability of all NKCC members before confirming date.

DP suggested that Gabe at Clean Glasgow (part of GCC) would be the best person to contact to obtain necessary equipment.

  1. Training

KW requested that all new NKCC members confirm CC email account as per email sent by GB.

KW requested that all members respond to email regarding availability for training session on CC email and Google Docs, which will last for approximately 1 hour at Queens Cross Housing Association.

  1. Councillors’ Report

JMcK confirmed no other issues other than planning application for Hot Food Takeaway in empty unit on Queen Margaret Drive discussed earlier during this meeting.

  1. CC General Business

Planning Officers Report: No further issues.

Treasurer’s Report: Current Bank Balance is £1165.25

Webmaster’s Report: N/A. GB not present.

  1. Next CC Discussion Forum

It was confirmed that next CC Discussion Forum is to be confirmed.

  1. Correspondence

PB informed that the new manager of ASPIRE (Homeless Person’s Unit) on Queen Margaret Drive has requested to attend the next NKCC meeting.

PB informed that Training courses on using Microsoft Excel and Minute Taking are available for NKCC members. It was agreed that neither course was required at present.

PB informed that Glasgow Life have invited NKCC representative to attend meeting at 6:30pm on 29/02/2012 at Kelvin Hall, in relation to progress on refurbishment of the Bandstand. IS advised he may be able to attend.

PB informed that various training courses are available from ISCO at a cost of £52 and £90. It was agreed that available courses are not required at present.

  1. AOB

PB advised that local residents have raised issues with him about bin collections as individual flats are occasionally missed during these collections.

JMcK confirmed that this is a problem which can and does occur on occasion.

KW proposed that members of community should be encouraged to raise any individual complaints to GCC directly in the first instance, although NKCC could take up issues if individual complaints are unsuccessful. This was agreed by other members present.

  1. Approval of minutes, Matters arising, next minute taker, agenda of next meeting.

KW proposed minutes of previous meeting and CM seconded these.

No matters arising.

KW appointed as minute taker for next meeting (RM to chair).

  1. Next Meeting Date

Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, 21st March, 2012.


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