Parked cars blocking fire-engine access

Photo of burnt-out car, Doune Gardens, January 2018

Burnt-out car, Doune Gardens, January 2018

An abandoned car in Doune Gardens was set on fire in the early hours of Saturday 13 January. The fire engine could not get into the street. The car exploded and burning petrol was running along the gully. It was an extremely frightening situation. Fortunately the fire fighters managed to run a couple of hoses along the street and eventually managed to extinguish the fire. Unfortunately other cars parked in the street have been damaged.

The situation was made worse by the lack of access due to the unmanaged parking in the area. This raises the question of how the fire service would rescue residents from a burning building.

We have reported our concerns about this incident and unmanaged parking to city councillors and to the police.

The abandoned car had previously been reported and a tow truck had attempted to remove it some weeks ago, but it was unable to get access because of the vehicles parked on either side. The problem has been exacerbated by non-residents parking in our area. A way of alleviating this potentially dangerous situation would be the introduction of a restricted parking zone.

We will be discussing parking at our next meeting: Tuesday 6 February, 6.30pm, St Charles’ Hall, 1 Kelvinside Gardens, Glasgow G20 6BG. Please come along if you can.


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