New planning application for 127 Fergus Drive

A new planning application for 127 Fergus Drive has been submitted:

Erection of residential flats (19 units), with associated car parking, landscaping, access and ancillary works

Please note any comments/objections must be submitted to Glasgow City Council by Tuesday 9 October 2018. Tuesday 30 October 2018.

Full details are on the Glasgow City Council website.



  • Denis Robertson Sullivan

    Dear City Council,

    May I make the following objections and comments.
    1) The height of this development does not fit all of the buildings next to it. It may well match Fergus drive, but it very much higher than the Wilton Street houses. It also looks to be heigher than Queen Margaret Court.
    2) I am concerned that yet more 2 bedroom flats are being built in the area. In the local plan is there no consideration of the mixture of the housing to be found in the area.
    3) From the drawings, I saw there appeared to be no attempt to lift architectural cues from the surrounding buildings to allow it integrate with its surroundings.
    4) The current proposed size of the building changes the nature of the site with its surrounding buildings and affects the character of that area.
    5) I welcome the fact that it is proposing off street parking but in a development of this size, the parking proposed is not enough. Will there be no visitors? Will 3 bedroom flat have only one car in this day and age?

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