Kelbourne Street plans

The gap site at Kelbourne Street/Queen Margaret Drive has been an eyesore for some time now. Plans for a new building are at long last being prepared. At our February 2020 meeting the architects responsible gave us a presentation about the proposed development. We are grateful for the opportunity to discuss the plans at this stage.

A formal planning application has not been submitted yet, but in the meantime you may wish to give your thoughts below. We will take comments into account when we discuss the plans.



  • Rachel Slocombe

    Can they add a coffee shop in the bottom that opens onto the Happy Park?

  • Is the park closed for H&S or is it being removed ?

  • We understood the park was due for refurbishment as a playpark, so we hope that is what is going on just now.

  • Am I the only one finding the ‘silence’ around the proposed 39-flat development at Kelbourne St/QMD disconcerting? No statutory notices have been posted on local lamp-posts etc, and (presumably due to Covid-19 restricting Council work) no comments are being published on the Planning website. If it proceeds as planned, the development will significantly restrict sunlight to the adjacent play-park areas (the sunlight modeling carried out only considers the first half of the summer, and treats the two play areas as one, thus underplaying the % impact on either area at any one time) – while the lower-floor windows and balconies will look directly onto the play areas, which surely no parent would be comfortable with. The deadline for comments to Planning is Friday 2nd October. I’ve tried e-mailing the NKCommunityCouncillors group e-mail, but no response from there yet either…

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