Where is my nearest…?

Glasgow City Council has provided a mapping tool to identify the various services available in the city and to identify the nearest ones to your current location. However, it is still a work in progress and still requires updating, in places. It is hoped that when the pandemic is past that it will be updated to make it ‘current’.

➽➽➽ Glasgow City Council Web Mapping Application

When you click the link, there is an explanatory panel on the right side, and a list of services on the left. When you click on a particular service, there is an explanatory panel for that page.

Services include:

  • parking
  • statutory information (eg listed buildings, adopted roads)
  • winter gritting
  • grounds maintenance
  • cycling
  • school catchments
  • sports facilities
  • council buildings
  • community facilities
  • recycling sites
  • litter bins

Given the complexity and scope of the tool, you will have to ‘play about with it’ for a while to get a feel for it.

At present, it is useful, up to a point, but, until it is made fully current, you should also do internet searches and check on the Council website.


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