April 2023 meeting

We are returning to our usual venue for our meeting on Tuesday 4th April 2023: downstairs at Kelvinbridge Parish Church, 62 Belmont Street, G20 6JR, 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

There is a stairlift if required for access: please let us know in advance if you will need to use it so that we can make sure help is available.

We are aware of the access limitations at the church. Ideally we would like to meet somewhere that:

  • is conveniently accessible (either ground floor or with a lift)
  • can offer a hybrid meeting: both in-person and online at the same time
  • is affordable on a regular basis

Do you prefer in-person meetings or online meetings? Would you like us to be able to offer both? If you have views on this, please let us know.

Agenda for 4th April

  1. Election of minutes secretary
  2. Approval of the minutes of last meeting
  3. Police report
  4. Follow-up on actions from previous meeting
  5. Councillors’ reports
  6. Communications report
  7. Incident at North Kelvin Meadow and the Children’s Wood
  8. Planning officer’s report
  9. House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) licensing report
  10. Community clean-up date & location
  11. Hazardous waste campaign
  12. Any other business

Meeting dates in 2023

Meetings are due to be held on the first Tuesday as follows:

  • 2 May
  • 6 June
  • 1 August
  • 5 September
  • 3 October (AGM)
  • 7 November

No meetings are scheduled for July or December.



  • Adam & Christina Nairn

    Online would be our preference for CC meetings.

  • NKCC Admin

    Thank you!

  • Sheila Forbes

    Online would be preferred meeting

  • NKCC Admin

    Thank you!

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