Glasgow’s slavery and colonial legacy

The front of a neoclassical building with Glasgow City Council logo and overlaid with the words: Glasgow's Slavery and Colonialism LegacyYou are invited to take part in Glasgow City Council’s online discussion to address Glasgow’s legacy of slavery and colonialism.

In September 2020, the Council approved the motion ‘Black Lives Matter, slavery legacy and anti-racist initiatives’.

As a result of this, there was a commitment to look at some key areas including the ongoing work to recognise the historic legacy of slavery, developing a civic conversation regarding the history of the city, and how best the complete history of the city can be understood and embraced.

This online civic conversation continues the work of the Slavery and Colonial Legacy Working Group with a view to preparing a report by consideration by Glasgow City Council.

With your thoughts, together, the city can tell a balanced story to properly reflect Glasgow’s history of slavery and colonialism and take action towards a more inclusive future.

To join the online civic conversation, sign in to your MyGovScot account (register first if you need to) to discuss what actions should be taken to create positive change.

️Take part in the conversation. The page linked to has documents you can download to read up on the context and history:

  • Glasgow, Slavery and Atlantic Commerce: An Audit of Historic Connections and Modern Legacies
  • Community Conversations Report
  • Glasgow Household Survey 2022: Legacy of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and Plantation Slavery

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