Scottish Water Works on River Kelvin Walkway from Monday 17 April 2023

Scottish Water have sent us the following update on their forthcoming works at the River Kelvin Walkway.


Our contractor Amey binnies completed the installation of a new combined sewer overflow (CSO) in an area just off Garrioch Drive in October 2021. Those works formed part of our ongoing multi-million-pound investment project to help improve the environment and water quality of the River Kelvin.

Since then, a small area of the embankment above our new kiosk has begun to deteriorate due to surface water running over it. Extensive ground stabilisation works are necessary to rectify this matter and ensure our infrastructure in the area continues to operate as it should.

Footpath closure and diversion route

Remedial works are expected to begin on Monday 17 April. To enable this work to be carried out safely, a temporary closure of the footpath leading down to the river will be necessary. For health and safety reasons this path must remain closed for the duration of our works, a period of around two months. A diversion route will be in place during this time, including additional signage to direct people round the closed section of path (see attached diversion route below). It’s important to note, the rest of the River Kelvin Walkway will be unaffected by these works.Map of diversion

Works location

The drawing below shows the location of the works, and the location of the temporary site compound which will be used for staff welfare and as a small storage area for work materials:

Map of works location

Track mats will be installed to help protect the ground from plant vehicles and heras fencing will be in place to isolate the work area.

Replanting and repairs

A small number of saplings which were planted after the original works need to be removed to enable the works. We will of course replant saplings in their place once all works have been completed.

As well as the ground stabilisation works, repair work will be carried out on the railings along the footpath and, on completion of the works, the gate will be reinstated to as it was previously.

All works and related activities have been agreed in conjunction with Glasgow City Council.

Disruption during the works

We would like to reassure you that we will work hard to minimise any disruption for the local community and park users. The start date for the works has been purposely chosen to avoid the school Easter holidays when more families/people will be out and about in the park.

We thank everyone for their patience and understanding.


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  • Martin

    I believe Scottish Water are disingenuous in regards the reason for extensive works. I have witnessed the water in this area over a period of a year. I am of the opinion based on daily visits. It is not surface water it is quite clearly a burst water supply.
    The entire area is water logged no matter the rain fall. Also a continuous water flow on the path which is clear to see. A masterly grasp of the blindingly obvious points to a water burst which has been ignored of over a year.

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