Your safety and security

The Community Council is warning all residents of two specific risks of theft and fraud.

Close the close door!

Please check that your front and rear close doors are kept firmly shut at all times.

There has been an increasing number of bike thefts from inside closes, even where the bikes are chained to banisters and railings in the close.

There have also been instances of housebreaking and use of the stair wells for drug-taking, with hypodermic syringes left lying around.

Please also check that your neighbours, especially if they are new, have firmly closed the doors.

Scams alert

You are more likely to lose money through scams than through any other type of crime. Scams are becoming increasingly varied and increasingly sophisticated.

Trading Standards Scotland provide weekly bulletins on new and current scams, how to avoid them and how to report them.

The latest bulletin warns against new Shut Out Scammers, Passport Scams, NatWest Scam Emails and WhatsApp Hacking Scams, and includes a warning about continuing Warranty Scam Calls.

You can sign up to receive Trading Standards Scotland scams bulletins.

And you can read previous scams bulletins online.


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