Minutes – 19 November 2008

North Kelvin Community Council Minutes

Wednesday 19 November 2008 at 6.30pm

St. Charles School

Present: Dave Beavan (DB) (Vice-Chair, Website & Library); Janet Andrews (JA); Peter Blackshaw (PB) (Secretary); Eddie Devlin (ED); Kevin Edgar (KE) (Treasurer); Liz Edgar (LE); Dorothy Gow (DG); Councillor Jim MacKechnie (JM); Kirsty Davidson (KD) (Minute Secretary)

Apologies: Mark Adams (MA) (Chair); PC Gerard Christie (GC); Susie Hallas (SH)


DB welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked PB for the agenda.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved by KE and seconded by LE.

Councillor’s Report

As JM was not at the last meeting, he said he would also report back on actions from the September meeting.

Containers – Kelburn Street

JM said the containers located on Kelburn Street were being used by builders upgrading properties owned by Glasgow Housing Association. These have now gone.

Litter Bins – Oban Drive

JM said he was unsure why the litter bins were removed, but noted the bins have now been replaced. JM said to let him know if the bins go again.

Uplifts from Tenements

JM reported that the Council did not have a notice covering all the different recycling methods, but there should now be a bulk uplift notice in all closes. Tenants have also been lettered detailing the different dates for green and blue bin uplifts.

Oban Drive

JM said objectors to the development on the old school site would not receive a letter of response until the Res 3 payment (to compensate for lack of green space) has been received.

Tesco Development, Maryhill Road

Despite recent news, JM said the Council was not aware of any movement on this development.

North Kelvinside Football Pitches

JM said the decision to sell to developers had been decided a long time ago, and the Council was currently working on exchanging paperwork with New City Vision.

Parking Restrictions

JM reported that the results of the parking restrictions consultation have been published, and the proposal was rejected in many areas, including ours. 1,102 residents in the Canal Ward responded – 177 (16%) said Yes and 860 (78%) said No, the remainder being undecided.

JM said the Council’s plan to expand the scheme was unsuccessful, except for the three areas that said Yes. The parking zones that are already in place will remain.

JM informed PB that there will be another meeting for community councils to give them feedback on the consultation. This will taking place on Tuesday 2 December at 6.30pm.

Clouston Street Report

JA said that JM has already commented on this issue. As the deal has been done, there would have been no reason to invite Douglas Peacock to today’s meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

KE reported that Abbey requires two account signatories, but only one person signs cheques. KE said that he was not happy with this arrangement.

It was decided to delay the decision about changing bank accounts until the next meeting, to get MA’s opinion.

Action: KE to look into different bank account options. PB to add Transfer of Bank Account to the agenda for January’s meeting.

Information – website

DB reported that there was a rise in numbers last month (October) – 630 page views, with visitors mainly reading previous minutes and news.

DB said that he had actioned everything from the last meeting, except putting the River Watch poster on the website. DB apologised to DG, explaining that he had experienced scanner problems, but this was now resolved and it would appear on the website shortly.

DB reported that he had contacted Alex Hewetson (AH) about the Council’s portal plans. AH said this would be coming shortly and that the Council were looking for organisations to participate in a pilot. DB had put the Community Council’s name forward, and said he would keep everyone informed of developments.

Communications and correspondence

PB reported that mail is out of sync with Community Council meetings. It arrives just after a meeting has taken place and by the time the next meeting comes around, some of the dates have passed. DB suggested that the date of meetings could be changed, or we adopt a method to circulate important mail.

It was agreed to add this item to the agenda for the next meeting, so it can be discussed further.

Action: PB to add Circulation of Mail to the agenda for January’s meeting.


JA said that at the previous meeting the Police had said the women’s refugee on Queen Margaret Drive has become a homeless person’s unit. JA would like this to be clarified.

Action: JM to obtain clarification on this change.

It was agreed that the next meeting on 17 December, would be a social and will take place at 6.30pm in the Crosslands Pub.

Next meeting – 21 January 2009 @ 6.30pm, St. Charles School


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