Minutes – 12 January 2005

Minutes 12 January 2005

Minutes of North Kelvinside Community Council Meeting 12 January 2005 Queens Cross Community Room

1) Welcome a) Present: S P, [Chair], D G,[Vice-Chair], B G, [minutes], R N, [Information], M T [planning] b) In Attendance: Inspector B Ross [Strathclyde Police], J McC [secretary, Compendium Trust], J MacK [GCC], R S. c) Apologies: from RC, J A, D K, S Mack d) Issue of quorum: suggestions included contacting missing members, changing the quorum. sending out advanced notice of apologies received, getting new members. We need to take action to ensure quorum at next meeting. Action: SP to contact missing members. Other councillors to follow up previous suggestions for members. e) The Chair also expressed her thanks to all here for their work and regular attendance. f) It was also suggested that Rona Sweiting from West End Extra, the local free paper is a journalist who may be looking for stories. Perhaps she could do one on neighbourhood watch

2) Previous Minutes A number of points were proposed to amend these. Once these changes have been made, they will be approved. DG proposed and RN seconded.

3) Police Report a) Inspector Bill Ross in charge of greater Maryhill was appointed in September of last year to oversee community policing, to work alongside all public agencies and everyone with an interest in community planning and the community. Youth disorder is the greatest concern. There are a number of different ‘hotspots’ to be deal with and some youths are particularly focused on causing trouble. He is trying to allocate officers to a variety of tasks until the mix of skills works best and begins to reduce the problem. b) To make better use of resources, the police will be moving to a call centre programme by the end of the year. This will help allocate calls to the correct places, enable better choices on what is urgent and what is not and will give them more time to deal with urgent problems as they are happening. c) SP asked several questions: (1) Could we have walkmaps? WR answered that Pc S Mackie and Wpc C Addison are solely responsible for our area and are the best contacts. We needn’t worry about beat boundaries, simply report to them anything we think is relevant. (2) Graffiti. The policy is to remove it as fast as possible. WR said to tell the council or Queens Cross where it is so they can remove it. Don’t let it accumulate. BG reported the council had said it would take up to 20 days to remove. JM said he would look into it if BG had that same response again. (3) Donny has some ideas for youth projects and is looking for a space for very problematic youths. WR asked that Donny get in touch. Perhaps BG and DN can work together on the youth committee on this issue. WR is sponsorship convenor for Outward Bound and has budgets to do things. Contact him at William.ross@strathclyde.pnn.police.uk. d) SP thanked WR for coming along and said we are looking forward to working together. The level of crime is more reasonable than it use to be. WR said they can catch people better now. JM felt crime statistics are an important indicator for people he deals with – reported versus perceived crimes. The two main public issues are now crime and response times. WR says response time is important and would like to be able to send someone to every call. As they cannot do that, they need to go where there is a chance of stopping a crime or catching a criminal on site. (a) Action: RN to check with police to see if the crime stats should be on the website. (b) Action: SP to send street list for our area.

4) Councillor Reports a) J Mackechnie reported on the planning application for Wilton Street gap. A committee meeting was scheduled before Xmas. JM did not receive notice of the meeting and did not have his questions answered and therefore got AS JM did not receive notice of the December meeting, he got a postponement until next Tuesday [18 Jan]. His serious objections included local JM still has serious objections on car parking, and and is unconvinced thatthe effects of the car deck at the back will not overshadow the gardens at the rear. Access on houses on the south side of the lane. will cut amenity for local residents. From discussions with senior planners, it appears that the building also does not offer suitable bay windows and JM has been talking with senior planners. He has been looking for continuity of built-form in the area. Later in the year there will be an opportunity to put amendments in the city plan. J Mackechnie is looking to tighten up on the builtform paragraphs.There will be opportunity later in the year when we can put in amendments to the city plan. At second stage it needs to tighten up on builtform paragraphs. b) MT put in an objection from NKCC and council didn’t seem to have it on public file. Ourbut our representation was not listed on the application form. This had been hand-delivered. The planning office had mis-informed him of the status of the application.

5) Treasurer’s Report : no report made. SP suggested that we need to think about our policy for donations. Action: BG Make this an agenda point for next meeting.

6) Planning Report Mike’s current list has a development inn Firhill basin and Panmuir street. He is to look at it at the planning office tomorrow [13 Jan]Mike will look at this and consider it in light of Canal Strategy. The Tesco issue is : outwith our territory but . rRaises some issues of access (Garrioch Road, Shakespeare St, carpark from Garrioch Road), – what about congestion, as well as the affect of ? Proposed proposed 24/7 operations, late night deliveries, light pollution, disturbance of recycling bins on How does this affect local residentLate night deliveries, light pollution, disturbance of recycling bins. MTwill keep us informed. Northwest Area Committee – issues include changes in school meals. Not a lot to interest us. Sp SP liked reports on the website and invitations to participate. Assessors are looking for more volunteers.

7) Information, Website, Library a) progressProgress is being made on promoting the Neighbourhood Watch meeting for the river. BG, PG and SP to help at the meeting to collecting information. Mr S. Anderson will send application form for funding on neighbourhoodNeighbourhood .Watch Programs. Robertson Trust was surprised that FORK hadn’t applied for funding. Might try contacting local businesses to get money for police bikes. In FORK minutes, the walkway will be divided into two lanes and that might help. The Robertson Trust was surprised that FORK hadn’t applied for funding. They might try contacting local businesses to get money for police bikes.

8) Health no report

9) Youth no report

10) Communications no report

11) Correspondence a) Concessionary travel, housing strategy dates, MEP calendars, Pat Ferguson’s fridge magnet, Annual review of cultural and leisure services. Annual report from Pat Ferguson.

12) Current issues no report

13) Other Organisations no report

14) AOCB/Late Issues no items

15) Open Forum Mr Jim McChesney, secretary of the Compendium Trust reported on progress of this 6-year project. After last year’s refusal and subsequent invitation to re-submit by SportScotland, excellent drawings are now available for the project. On the advice of SportScotland work has been done to embed the play area more closely with the city’s sports strategy. It is hoped that SportScotland will now provide a grant for much of the work and funding will be sought from Queens Cross Workspace, the local authority and other sources for the parts outwith the primary strategic plans. It is hoped to be able to proceed in stages. Jim MacKechnie asked for clarification how the various parts will be funded and built. R. Statt raised a number of questions about lighting, parking, access, noise levels and where to get information on the project. Mr McChesney outlined the steps the CT had taken to inform the public, what planning changes had been made already to accommodate the above issues, and also reminded us that there will be another opportunity to raise formal objections to the proposal.

16) Next meeting 9 February


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