Minutes – 15 September 2010

North Kelvin Community Council Minutes
Wednesday 15 September 2010 at 6:30pm
St. Charles School

Present: Dave Beavan (DB) (Chair); Kevin Edgar (KE); Councillor Jim MacKechnie (JMacK); Jane Morgan (JM) (Planning Officer); Kate Wooding (KW) (Treasurer); Kirsty Davidson (KD) (Minute Secretary)

In attendance: PC Alana Beattie (AB); Sue Hamelman (SHam); PC Ross Whyte (RW)

Apologies: Gordon Barnes (GB) (Website); Liz Edgar (LE); Susie Hallas (SH); Douglas Peacock (DP)

1.     Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising

DB welcomed everyone and thanked Sue Hamelman (SHam) for attending.

JM and JMacK asked for the paragraph under item 6, regarding the conservation area and Firhill development to be reworded. The minutes of the August meeting were approved by JM and seconded by KW.

KW reported that she had priced postcards with two companies, Vistaprint.co.uk and Printing.com. KW felt Vistaprint.co.uk were the better option, as they offered small quantities and template designs. KW agreed to circulate prices and sample templates.

Action: KW to email the Community Council with information.

KW and JM both said they had not looked into costs for hi vis waistcoats/t-shirts and insurance, but would do so.

Action: KW to obtain quotes for hi vis waistcoats and t-shirts. JM to look into insurance options for loaning out electrical tools.

KW said she had produced a spreadsheet detailing the budget, which she would circulate. KW said the Community Councils annual income is approximately £500, with £25 for the website, £75 for room booking and £15 for membership of Friends of Glasgow North. KW proposed putting 20% of the remainder towards promotional material, leaving £285 for community activity per year.

Action: KW to email budget to the Community Council.

2.     Police Report

PC Ross Whyte (RW) provided the crime figures for last month. There were – 10 drinkers, 8 break-ins or attempted break-ins to motor vehicles (no detection), 8 bike thefts (no detection), 5 house break-ins or attempted break-ins (2 detections), 6 assaults (1 detection), 1 robbery and 2 breach of the peace (detected). RW noted there was nothing of serious note in the crime reports for the area.

JMacK said local Community Councils have been complaining about not having designated Police officers. JMacK reported that the Community Planning Partnership had provided money for the deployment of additional officers. RW said that as of 25 October there would be big changes within Community Policing Teams, with a lot more officers covering each area.

3.     Councillor’s Report

JMacK reported that a local resident had complained about the vegetation around Clouston Street and Sanda Street. This had been cutback within the last two days.

With regards the Clouston Street site, JMacK said he would be meeting the Managing Director of New City Vision on Monday, where he hoped to find out about their planned timeline. JMacK said he understands that New City Vision will be setting up a website in relation to the development, which will enable people to add comments before the formal public meeting.

JMacK said he had arranged for the vegetation to be cleared up at the 60 Steps, as they are featuring in Doors Open Day. JMacK reported that there would be a talk at 7.30pm on Friday in Belmont Street Church about the 60 Steps.

JMacK raised the issue of electoral registration and the ongoing work to increase returns. JMacK said the reason it was so important, is that there is currently new legislation going through Westminster regarding boundary changes and that MPs might be lost if not all voters are registered on the electoral roll.

4.     Planning Officer’s Report

JM said there was nothing of note on the planning lists, just residential alterations.

DB asked whether there had been any planning application regarding the house that is being knocked down on Kelvinside Gardens East. JM said she did not recall seeing anything and was not sure if a planning application was required before something was knocked down. JMacK agreed to investigate the situation.

Action: JMacK to look into the planning situation for the house on Kelvinside Gardens East.

KE raised the issue of the height of the new building at the bottom of Oban Drive. JMacK said he had noticed that it appeared too high and agreed to ask Planning to check out the situation.

Action: JMacK to get the height of the building at the bottom of Oban Drive investigated.

KE said the bin men are still not closing close doors. KW said this was an ongoing problem and suggested coming up with creative ideas to solve the problem, as there has not been much success with the past course of action.

5.     Treasurer’s Report

KW reported the account balance is now £1,413.98.

KW said the direct debit for the room booking had been resubmitted and she would check to see if this has been processed.

Action: KW to check on the situation regarding the direct debit.

6.     AOCB

KW said there would be a presentation on the financial future of the Council on 2 October at 1.30pm in the Burgh Hall. DB asked KW to circulate the information to see if anyone wanted to attend.

Action: KW to email the Community Council with information about the 2 October event.

Next meeting: 20 October 2010 @ 6.30pm, St. Charles School


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