Restricted Parking Zone is coming in the autumn

The North Kelvin and North Woodside Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) will come into operation on 1 November 2021. The works are expected to begin over the summer with an estimated completion date of mid-October. After completion the zone will become live and will be enforced by parking attendants.

Plans showing the proposed parking bays, including disabled bays, electric vehicle charging bays and car club bays, are on the City Council website.

two cars parked unsafely on cornersWe hope the RPZ will put an end to the unsafe and antisocial parking – on corners and on pavements, blocking pedestrians, wheelchair users and pram users, endangering all road users at junctions, hampering emergency vehicles – that has dogged this area for years now.

For more information on parking see Roads and Parking on the City Council website.

For local background on this issue see our Parking page.


Parking charges will apply 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm.

The pay and display parking charge will be 20p every 15 minutes for the first hour then 40p for every 15 minutes thereafter, for a maximum of 3 hours during the 8am to 10pm period.

The charge for a resident parking permit will be £85 annually or £23.75 quarterly.

Whether or not you have a parking permit, as a resident you will be able to buy a book of visitor’s vouchers at a cost of £10 for 5 vouchers. Each voucher will entitle a visitor to park for a set 6 hour period.

The charge for a business parking permit will be £650 annually.

Charges may be amended from time to time by notice.


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  • 8am to 10pm. Complete and utter joke.
    Good luck to wardens walking around at 10pm

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