Kelvinside Terrace South: slope stability investigation

Ground investigation works on the road and slope between Kelvinside Terrace South and Kelvin Walkway are to take place in the area shown on the plan below (click the plan to enlarge).

plan showing location of investigation works to take place

The investigation works are scheduled from Monday 10th July 2023 for a period of up to 4 weeks. The aim is to determine the ground conditions beneath the road and slope.

Specialist consultant RSK Environment Ltd has been appointed to:

  • Determine ground conditions beneath the slope and road via ground investigation
  • Conduct a slope stability analyses to understand mechanism of ground failure
  • Outline possible future remedial solutions to enable re-opening of the road

Investigations will include drilling to a depth of up to 12 metres into rock and shallow excavation of soils.

Until Friday 28 July a short section of the Kelvin Walkway will be subject to intermittent temporary closure during drilling and machine movements in this area.  This is considered prudent for public safety. Signage will be put in place to notify the public of diversions while the closure is in place.

Following recommendations from arboricultural and ecological surveys, RSK Environment Ltd will remove some minor vegetation, small trees and dead wood from Ash dieback.  The purpose of vegetation removal is to enable safe access to the slope, particularly where dead wood is overhead.

These investigations will not affect the 60 Steps Retaining Wall. Pedestrian access will be maintained for the duration of the works, with the exception of short periods of time when vehicles are taking access to the Kelvin Walkway.

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